The Pentagon and UFOs: what to expect from the upcoming report and what happens to the favorite topic of ufologists

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The Pentagon and UFOs: what to expect from the upcoming report and what happens to the favorite topic of ufologists
The Pentagon and UFOs: what to expect from the upcoming report and what happens to the favorite topic of ufologists

Until the publication of a promising report by the American military, in which they should state everything they know about the so-called UFOs, there are only a few weeks left. The topic is controversial, and there is more and more news about certain statements of various experts, specialists and just talking heads. Someone claims that the Pentagon really has evidence of the existence of aliens, someone is just waiting for new food for speculation. Let's figure out what's going on.

The Pentagon and UFOs: what to expect from the upcoming report and what happens to the favorite topic of ufologists
The Pentagon and UFOs: what to expect from the upcoming report and what happens to the favorite topic of ufologists

As we wrote earlier, at the end of 2020 at that time, US President Donald Trump ordered the military to tell politicians and ordinary Americans that the keepers of order and democracy know about unidentified aerial phenomena. The report should be comprehensive, detailed and as open as possible. There is a place for secrecy in the document, but it will not be possible to completely shade the document from prying eyes. The deadline is rather tight - six months, and it expires at the end of June.

On such fertile soil, naturally, the corresponding reaction of the information space rose up in a magnificent color. Less than two months later, the Pentagon responded to the request of the famous ufologist Anthony Bragalia for disclosure of data, made more than three years ago (how much is there waiting for the promised?). The military did not give out any specifics, they observed the letter of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). And, of course, they provoked the conspiracy theorists, who promised that "this is just the beginning."

Do not forget the very recent story of unidentified aerial phenomena that annoyed American destroyers off the coast of California for several nights in a row. All that is known about this series of incidents is that the US Navy is closely investigating them and even requested assistance from the FBI with intelligence. A couple of weeks after the first publications about obscure drones that terrorized warships, a video with some "pyramidal UFOs" even "leaked" to the Network.

Video taken by US Navy pilot appears to show UFO, Pentagon confirms video is real

Video taken by US Navy pilot appears to show UFO, Pentagon confirms video is real
Video taken by US Navy pilot appears to show UFO, Pentagon confirms video is real

We analyze the facts

Trouble-free, like the offspring of a Swiss watch and a Kalashnikov assault rifle, Occam's razor principle suggests that the simplest and most likely explanation is almost always correct. So, despite many of the most emotional and colorful stories, if we talk about factual facts about the Pentagon and UFOs, we have very little evidence. First of all, video. They, perhaps, have already been watched by every web user.

The first series of three videos has been running between thematic portals since 2004. These videos, recorded on the onboard observation and targeting systems of carrier-based fighters, made a lot of noise. Well, and a recent video with a "pyramidal UFO", recorded through a night vision device (NVG) on board a warship. Even for a person familiar with the features of optics and matrices operating in the infrared range, what is happening in the frames of each of them looks extremely unusual. However, everything is explained by an unusual angle of view, optical effects or misperception of perspective.

There are many examples of parsing and explaining these three videos on the Web. Here is one - authored by a well-respected debunker of myths Mick West (Mick West). In his video, he clearly shows that the observed artifacts in the frame do not demonstrate any unique properties. The main thing is to pay attention not only to the main picture, but also to the technical information along the edges of the frame - the viewing angle indicator, the direction to the north and the tilt of the camera. And most importantly, remember that in the IR range, the darker the object, the brighter it is.

If we consider all of the above, it turns out that the unidentified airborne objects are either a very distant plane, or an aircraft observed from the tail, or something similar to a signal flare, smoothly descending into the water. Well, the pyramids in the NVG lens are just a bokeh effect. Some night vision devices are equipped with a triangular aperture. Therefore, when observing a light source outside the focus area, it will appear as a triangle. Just as in the frames of ordinary cameras and video cameras, round (in fact, multifaceted) artifacts are sometimes obtained.

Finally, not a video: the long-suffering response to an FOIA request in which the Pentagon admits it has anomalous material. In this document, the military notes that they studied the crash sites of some unidentified aerial phenomena, collected some samples there, and during their examination they demonstrated anomalous properties. On the one hand, it looks mysterious and solid. On the other hand, the work of geologists in the place of the meteorite fall also falls under this description. In addition to this, the answer did not contain any specifics about the "anomaly", and the details that turned out to be not classified, tell about the materials long known to mankind.

So it's all dust in your eyes?

In a sense, yes. The "declassified" videos and the Pentagon's response to the ufologist do not show anything anomalous, these are quite understandable phenomena. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say what exactly is captured in the footage or is at the disposal of the military. For a number of reasons, everyone can choose the one that they like best. Conspiracy theorists have the right to boldly continue to believe that we are all just being led by the nose.

And realists are no stranger to the fact that not everything in the world can be learned one hundred percent. Yes, an airplane hit the lens of the infrared camera, but we do not see which one, because its contours are either blurred due to distance, or the halos of radiation from hot engines are hidden. Most likely, the military themselves figured out a long time ago what it was, after all, those personnel were 10-15 years old. Another thing is the "flying pyramids": here the investigation has not yet been completed, and what, in fact, was observed through the NVD, we can only guess.

Such stories with "UFOs that met the pilots" will always appear. Because a person is physically incapable of perceiving the entire surrounding reality, some details will escape his attention. The pilot noticed an incomprehensible object, it was not possible to identify it even jointly from several aircraft or other equipment. A report on this goes to the relevant services, and a detailed study of the issue begins. You never know - suddenly a potential enemy was caught or some defect of their own colleagues noticed, it turns out. The outcome of such proceedings may be more strictly classified than the initial observation report.

Why is everyone so excited and is it worth waiting for real revelations?

Many are eagerly awaiting the Pentagon report. The Washington Post even ran a snapshot of the hottest UFO and military news stories of the past decade. And against the backdrop of the imminent "breakdown of the veil", many controversial personalities begin to give high-profile interviews in the media. Moreover, there are even former employees of the US Department of Defense who were involved in a program for the study of unidentified aerial phenomena. But this "aggravation" was predictable.

Undoubtedly, the topic of UFOs has become incredibly "hot" in the last year and a half. On the one hand, widespread digitalization plays into the hands of sensationists and ufologists. Video recordings sooner or later "leak" from the military, and the command has to somehow explain everything. Which only fuels public interest. As a result, the flywheel spins, and the situation reaches the politicians, who are the same people. They, in turn, are pushing for funding for UFO research programs. And the military is left to maneuver between the requirements to disclose information, common sense and the desire to classify everything in general.

In the end, in fact, everyone wins: politicians induce vigorous activity, the Pentagon gets a little more money, and the public is sensational. In addition, the image of the guys who deal with any unknown garbage and successfully deal with it, the military only plays into the hands. So in the summer, most likely, we will have another mysterious and solid document without any specifics. It can be equally aptly entitled as "the report on the UFO" and "the results of the study of new antiferroelectrics." Wait a minute, this was news from the US Army Research Laboratory. Coincidence?

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