The USA has developed an "uninterrupted" wine source

The USA has developed an "uninterrupted" wine source
The USA has developed an "uninterrupted" wine source

Researchers from the United States have created an uninterrupted source of wine. It is believed that this could make the production of the beverage more descriptive.


An interesting novelty is mentioned in a press release from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne, and a brief overview is available on Gizmodo. Reportedly, we are talking about a special "winery on a microchip", which allows you to make up to a milliliter of drink per hour. It should be noted that the usual alcoholic fermentation procedure can take two weeks.

The system works as follows. The device was equipped with a main channel through which the grape juice should pass. The adjacent compartments contain the yeast that enters the main channel thanks to an ultra-thin membrane with nanopores. Yeast absorbs sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.

According to Daniel Attinger, one of the developers, the main goal of the new method of making wine lies in the visual demonstration of the fermentation process. This technology will allow novice winemakers to better understand everything that happens when making a noble drink. This is important, because it is the subtleties of fermentation that determine how high-quality and tasty the wine will be in the end.

The researchers note that the simplicity and compactness of the device make it easy to use at home. Meanwhile, according to experts, in terms of its taste, the resulting drink will still be inferior to ordinary wine.

We will remind, earlier another team of researchers presented an interesting invention that allows you to get wine from ordinary water. Miracle Machine was developed by the founders of Customvine. To make a drink, you just need to fill the device with the necessary ingredients from a bag, and then pour water and select the type of wine you are interested in. This technology can be used to make Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Taking into account the fact that the price of one packet is only two dollars (per bottle of wine), the "miracle machine" can pay for itself within a year of operation.

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