Russia wants to create a lunar base that can accommodate up to 12 people

Russia wants to create a lunar base that can accommodate up to 12 people
Russia wants to create a lunar base that can accommodate up to 12 people

As it became known, Russia plans to create a base on the Moon, which will be able to accommodate up to twelve "conquerors" of the natural satellite of our planet.


The head scientific organization of Roskosmos - TsNIIMash - is working on a project for a fairly large lunar base. About this, referring to the representative of TsNIIMash Olga Zharova, reports the edition "Izvestia". Initially, the number of crew members at the base will be four people, and only then will new people be added. In the future, their number may reach ten to twelve people. If the number of personnel of the base is four people, then this will require a manned pressurized volume of 20 cubic meters. A significant part of the object will be on the surface. At the same time, a variant of the location of radiation shelters and power plants under the lunar surface is being worked out.

As for the location for creating the base, it has not yet been chosen. Most experts believe that it would be wiser to locate the object in the vicinity of the lunar South Pole. First of all, it is planned to create residential and energy modules, and only then other composite bases will be built. TsNIIMash added that at the moment the organization's specialists have created draft designs of construction equipment designed for the conditions of the moon.

TsNIIMash noted that for the implementation of the plans, some decisions were borrowed from the Soviet experience. In the late 60s - early 70s. in the USSR, this direction was actively developing. These projects were scrapped after the Americans landed on a satellite of our planet and the end of the "lunar" race.

As part of the Apollo program, the United States carried out six successful moon landings. The first of them was implemented in 1969, the last in 1972. This program is the only time in the history of the planet when a person landed on another astronomical object.

If we talk about the possible timing of the landing of Russian cosmonauts on the moon, then most often they call the 2030s. However, there are no guarantees that this will happen. Earlier it was reported that due to problems in the economy, funding for the development work of the PPTK-2 project has been halved. Note that it is within the framework of this project that the lunar take-off and landing complex is being developed.

On the other hand, Russia still does not want to abandon the exploration of the Moon. Even if it is necessary to postpone the landing of astronauts on the Earth satellite, the projects of exploration of the Moon by automatic stations will remain.

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