Russia abandoned the mission "Luna-Grunt"

Russia abandoned the mission "Luna-Grunt"
Russia abandoned the mission "Luna-Grunt"

Russia refused to implement a project to deliver lunar soil to Earth. Writes about this TASS.


Now, within the framework of the Russian lunar program, it is planned to launch four spacecraft. This is the Luna-25 probe, whose task will be to develop the landing technology and reconnaissance of the lunar surface; orbital station "Luna-26" for mapping the satellite surface and providing communications; as well as the main and reserve landing modules of the Luna-27 mission for testing the technology of creating an operating scientific base on the Moon. Work has been stopped on the last stage of the program - Luna-28. Its goal was to deliver regolith to Earth.

The reasons for the refusal were not specified. According to the scientific director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Boris Shustov, at present the lunar program "raises many questions." At the same time, the implementation of the rest of its stages continues. For example, it became known earlier that design work had begun in Russia to create the first stage of the Sunkar super-heavy launch vehicle. According to the plan, after 2025, six new missile launches will take place as part of the Luna-27 mission. The first manned lunar mission is slated to launch in 2031.

The Russian lunar program provides for the launch of automatic stations to the Moon in 2019-2024. All launches will be carried out from the Vostochny cosmodrome. It is planned to start the implementation of the manned mission project in 2025. So, in 2026, the launch of a Russian unmanned spacecraft will take place, which will fly around the moon, in 2029 a new spacecraft will make an unmanned flight into satellite orbit. In the 2030s, astronauts are expected to land on the lunar surface to the Lagrange point of the Earth-Moon system.

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