The most terrible rituals on Earth

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The most terrible rituals on Earth
The most terrible rituals on Earth

Heavenly funerals, torture, scavenging, and cannibalism are just a few of the most terrifying rituals in the world.

Tibetan rituals

Heavenly funeral

There are few trees in the mountains of Tibet for the inhabitants of this Central Asian region to cremate a deceased relative, and not much soft soil to give the unfortunate land. Only lamas and monks are honored to be burned. Therefore, simple dead Tibetans … are given up to be torn apart by eagles and wild animals. It happens like this. After death, the deceased is left in a sitting position, and three days later, relatives bring the body to a special place in the mountains, where trained people use stones to crush the bones and muscles of the dead. And here comes the turn of birds and animals, after a meal of which there is literally nothing left of the deceased.

Dropping babies from a height

We hasten to calm down all opponents of dipping children in cold "holy" water during baptism: at least you are not from India. There, in the Grishnevor Temple, perhaps the most dangerous ritual is performed, dropping babies at the age of 1-2 years from a 15-meter height. Before that, the baby is also violently shaken, for some reason, trying to make him cry desperately. After that, the poor fellow is waiting for a flight. And while he is flying, happy relatives stand below with a stretched sheet and catch. Overwhelming majority. The rest go to the forefathers. However, it is not the soothing hands of the mother that awaits the death of the frightened, but surviving children, but the hands of a crowd of strangers. And until the screaming child "passes" them all - he will not return to his mother. Because it is believed: kissing a dumped baby brings happiness to those who touched him.


Skating scraps

Also an Indian ritual. He, of course, is not scary, but squeamish people are unlikely to like it. For about four hundred years, near temples in India, you can see people rolling on leaves of a plantain with scraps wrapped in it, left by brahmanas after a meal. All this must by all means save all those who ride from troubles and ailments.



The Papua New Guineans are no less cunning in their inventions, who for years have been collecting funds to ensure that their sons undergo the rite of initiating a boy into a man. In order for the "man" to take place, it is necessary that all the "maternal" blood flows out of him. And instead of a kind-hearted mother, the boy should be possessed by … the spirit of a crocodile (which is considered the ancestor of the tribe). So at first the boy is beaten (to remember about "respect" for his elders), after which incisions are made on his chest. The next day, the ceremony continues: the whole body of the boy is pierced for several hours with sharp bamboo shoots. During the ritual, he should not talk to the fairer sex and take pain relievers. But when this torture is over, he - oh, happiness! - will be allowed to go to the male half, the entrance to which was previously strictly prohibited. For another month, newly minted men will live in complete isolation - until the spirit of a crocodile takes over in them and they turn into real warriors.

Butcher shop

And again India. This terrible ceremony is performed in the temples of Kali in the south of the country. First, people dressed in the garments of the god Garuda perform ritual dances, and then their backs are pierced with sharp hooks. But this is not enough. The hooks are attached to poles that are lifted with ropes; some of the tortured even swing on hooks, as if on a swing. In the hands of some of the sufferers, babies can be seen (fortunately, not pierced by hooks). In such a suspended state, the unfortunate are carried around the temple - as a sign of love and devotion to the gods.



By far the most barbaric of rituals.They say that it is practiced to this day by members of the Indian sect Agora. For them, eating human flesh is the path to enlightenment. However, cannibalism is only the final stage of the ceremony. At its first stage, the participant must give up meat and eat … his excrement. The second stage is the killing and eating of the wicked animal in India - the dog. And only at the third stage, the participant will be awarded the "honor" to dine with human flesh. It is interesting that in India it is customary to cremate the dead, so it is not so easy to “find” a corpse. Only children, pregnant women, saints, lepers and unmarried girls are not burned. In the event that someone from this category dies, the dead man is sent down the river Ganges. This is where the members of the Agora sect can catch him.

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