Russia wants to turn nuclear tug into a weapon against other spacecraft

Russia wants to turn nuclear tug into a weapon against other spacecraft
Russia wants to turn nuclear tug into a weapon against other spacecraft

They want to equip the Russian nuclear tug "Zeus" with weapons that will allow it to destroy satellites. Earlier it was reported that the tug is planned to be used to search for extraterrestrial life.

Nuclear tug

The appointment of the nuclear tug "Zeus" with reference to the materials of KB "Arsenal" was reported by RIA Novosti. The design bureau has carried out research work aimed at understanding whether the device will be able to "act with the help of electromagnetic radiation on the electronic means of control systems, intelligence, communications and navigation."

Prior to that, it became known that Zeus intends to use it as an element of an air defense system: it is assumed that it will be able to illuminate air targets from orbit.

They also want to use the nuclear tug for solving peaceful problems. In particular, it will provide communications, broadcasting and relaying, interorbital cargo transportation, and the delivery of equipment to the Moon. Earlier, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that Zeus will look for signs of extraterrestrial life.


"Zeus" - the name of the tug itself, research and development work was given the designation "Nuclon".

The creation of the elements of the tug on the basis of a transport and energy module with a nuclear power plant of a megawatt class began in 2010. Several years ago, a mock-up of the device was shown at MAKS, and within the framework of the Army-2020 forum, an animation of its operation in space was presented.


The development of the preliminary project should be completed by July 2024. This will cost about 4.2 billion rubles. If nothing fundamentally changes, the test space launch of the tug will take place around 2030. In case of successful tests, serial production and commercial operation of the complex will begin.

Another important direction of the Russian space industry in recent years has been the creation of a new reusable rocket: this is a kind of response to the success of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, created by American SpaceX. As it became known recently, the Tekhnodinamika holding will work on the creation of a parachute system for the first stages of promising reusable carriers.

It is also known that Russia will create the Krylo-SV, a lightweight reusable winged stage, in order to develop technologies for the return of the first stage. It is possible that she will receive skis that can be used for landing on the ground.

In an ideological sense, the product will be the successor to Baikal, a reusable booster for the first stage of Angara rockets. This project was never implemented in practice.

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