Top most absurd conspiracy theories

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Top most absurd conspiracy theories
Top most absurd conspiracy theories

We present to you a new top - the most absurd conspiracy theories, in which HIV, Hitler and aliens are present.

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Saddam Hussein had a Stargate

Michael Sall, Ph.D., has his own version of the reason for the US attack on Iraq. In his opinion, chemical weapons and even oil are just a cover for the "true goals" of the White House. And the goals, I must say, have a truly galactic scale (in any case, the author of the theory is inclined towards this). Allegedly, during the construction of military facilities in the 80s, the Iraqis found the remains of an ancient mechanism that was once a platform for … teleportation. The "Stargate" could have been left by the Annunaki, who in the minds of conspiracy theorists are aliens from other worlds associated with the mysterious planet Nibiru. Extraterrestrials of the highest level of development have visited Earth and came into contact with its inhabitants.

Michael Salla believes that Hussein wanted to get alien technology and leave all the world's leading powers far behind his back. Some (for example, Europeans) were fine with this, but the US tried to stop Saddam. For this, all kinds of inspections were carried out: the specialists were looking not for chemical weapons, but for traces of an "alien teleport". But that's not all. Aggressive US foreign policy, according to the supporters of the hypothesis, was caused by the desire not only to get new technologies, but also to prevent aliens from invading Earth. The latter, as you might guess, had to penetrate through the "stargate" of Hussein.

Needless to say, there is no evidence for this hypothesis. The name "Annunaki", however, some researchers translate as "descended from heaven", and the deities themselves from the Babylonian myth are shrouded in many mysteries.


Adolf Hitler is alive

Or at least he could have survived 1945. British historians Gerard Williams and Simon Dunstan are inclined to the latter. The most "plausible" option - the Fuhrer, along with his henchmen, could hide in Argentina (some Nazi leaders did this). Some go further and talk about the "lunar conspiracy." Moreover, he has nothing to do with the American program "Apollo": allegedly the Nazis built a base on the moon and went there in spaceships. It is not surprising that after this new hypotheses appeared about the cloning of Hitler and the possibility of his eternal life.

But what gave rise to all these versions? The fact is that of the alleged remains of the Fuhrer, only dentures and a part of the skull with a bullet entrance hole have survived. It is not known for certain whether a bullet was the cause of Hitler's death or it was poison. Some respected experts believe that the remains may not belong to the Nazi leader at all (different researchers gave different results). At the same time, the witnesses questioned by the USSR and the Americans said that Hitler really committed suicide and the remains belonged to him.

But as for "Hitler's spaceships", everything is a little simpler here. This image arose in the minds of conspiracy theorists after their acquaintance with the unusual missile and jet devices of the Luftwaffe, such as the Go-229 fighter (outwardly something similar to a UFO). You can also recall the V-1 and V-2 missiles, which were used at the final stage of hostilities. Of course, the technology of the Third Reich did not allow launching a man into space, so there was no question of any base on the Moon.


HIV was created by the USA

The human immunodeficiency virus needs no introduction. Let's just note that it is a retrovirus that causes a slowly progressive HIV infection, resulting in AIDS.Some seriously believe that the virus was created by the US Central Intelligence Agency. And it is man-made that partly explains its high "vitality". Conspiracy theorists said that HIV was created with a very specific goal: to destroy all Africans and members of sexual minorities. Moreover, this point of view was shared by many public figures in the States themselves.

In fact, molecular phylogenetics has established that HIV appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It originated in West and Central Africa, and not at all in the United States, as a result of the evolution of the monkey immunodeficiency virus. The widespread spread of HIV in the world is associated with the development of large cities in Africa and an increase in the number of promiscuous sex (including due to prostitution). Subsequently, the virus spread throughout the Earth.

The hypothesis of the creation of HIV by the Americans intersects with another conspiracy theory that rejects the existence of the virus as such. The HIV / AIDS denial movement has been around for many years, and the number of its adherents is only growing. These people, in particular, say that "HIV has not been proven unequivocally and indisputably." But the scientific community is very skeptical about such judgments. Note that conspiracy theorists often do not deal with the practical side of the issue and do not work in the medical field. Despite all of the above, of all the absurd conspiracy theories, this is perhaps the only one that deserves at least some attention.


Space in the usual sense does not exist

And here is the most absurd conspiracy theory ever. A single concept of "space deniers" is difficult to describe. Basically, all these hypotheses are based on the idea of ​​a worldwide conspiracy of scientists. Some conspiracy theorists seriously believe that a person has never flown into space, since the latter simply does not exist. Naturally, this version is closely intertwined with religious dogmas: religion, as a rule, does not favor "cosmic" topics at all.

Here we can recall the Christian organization "The Flat Earth Society", which arose in Great Britain and later moved to the States. The sun, the moon and even the stars, according to the supporters of her theory, revolve above the earth's surface, and the earth itself is flat as a pancake. It has a diameter of 40 thousand km, and the central part is occupied by the North Pole. The whole world is surrounded by a huge ice wall, which prevents the "will of the Almighty" from crossing it. Of course, the supporters of the theory are convinced that all photos from space are fake, and not only astronauts, but even airliner pilots are involved in the conspiracy. Not to mention scientists and politicians on earth.

After the death in 2001 of the president of the society, Charles Johnson, its very existence was called into question. But the fact remains: in the second half of the 20th century, the number of supporters of the theory has steadily increased. In these days, when the role of religion is being reborn in some countries, the flat earth theory may have an even greater chance of success.


The watchmaker's conspiracy

Conspiracy theories can be funny, but that doesn't mean they're devoid of their traditional global character. There is, in particular, a version of a worldwide conspiracy of watchmakers. It is based on the fact that all hours in the advertisement show 10:10. It would seem, what is strange about this marketing decision? However, conspiracy theorists claim that only watchmakers know about a certain turning point in the history of civilization and are thus trying to warn someone. First of all, of course, they mention the end of the world, which will never come …

There is a version of the writer Dan Brown, according to which the position of the arrows is a sign of the oldest anti-fascist organization: in this way, it makes it clear what else exists. The arrows at 10:10 form an angle of 115 degrees, and 115 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which the antifreeze boils. "Antifreeze", in turn, is consonant with the word "Antifritz".The latter is the name of the partisan anti-fascist organization that operated in Europe during the Second World War. There is another version of the feminists, in which this position of the arrows symbolizes the "exploitation of female sexuality." However, even those who came up with this theory will not be able to explain this.

But these explanations are not needed, because in reality the position of the arrows showing 10:10 is a common urban legend. Not all manufacturers are conspiracy. In cases where the arrows do show 10:10, the answer lies in conventional advertising. It is in the upper part of the product that the company logo is usually located, and the arrows are placed in such a way as not to obscure it.


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