Yandex announced the winners of the third Ilya Segalovich scientific prize

Yandex announced the winners of the third Ilya Segalovich scientific prize
Yandex announced the winners of the third Ilya Segalovich scientific prize

The prize is awarded annually to young computer science researchers and supervisors. This year, four young scientists and two scientific leaders became laureates.


The Ilya Segalovich Scientific Prize was established as part of Yandex's educational initiative in 2019 to support young researchers and the scientific community in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It is awarded annually for achievements in various areas of computer science: speech recognition and synthesis, information retrieval, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and machine translation.

The award bears the name of the co-founder and director of technologies of Yandex, the creator of the first version of the search engine and the co-author of the word Yandex. More than 20 scientists have already become laureates of the award. They are selected by the award council, which includes the company's leading researchers, IT experts and world-renowned scientists. Among them, for example, are professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey and scientific director of the School of Data Analysis Ilya Muchnik, professor at the University of California at Berkeley Alexei Efros and professor at the University of Geneva Stanislav Smirnov.

Incipient researchers are awarded for achievements in computer science, and mentors are awarded for their contribution to the development of the community and the care of young professionals. All laureates will receive a prize of one million rubles. Yandex will pay for students and postgraduates a trip to an international conference on computer science of their choice. In addition, they will receive grants for using the company's services for their research: Yandex DataSphere will help scientists organize a full cycle of machine learning development, and the Yandex.Toloka platform will help them mark up data.

The award ceremony took place on Monday at the Yandex office. “Scientific work is at the heart of all services and products, so it is especially important for us to help young researchers,” said Elena Bunina, General Director of Yandex in Russia and Director of the Yandex Data Analysis School. - The experience of our educational programs shows how difficult it is to create conditions for the growth and development of a scientist and how valuable each of them is. With the help of the award, we want to support the guys who have the courage and enthusiasm to devote themselves to science. We are confident that the results of their work will bear fruit in the future - on the scale of the industry, the country and the world as a whole."

In the Young Researchers nomination, the following were awarded: Alexander Grishin, HSE PhD student (engaged in research in the field of learning and meta-learning at RL), Alexander Korotin, 2019 award winner, PhD student at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (engaged in online machine learning, generative models and aggregating algorithms), Dmitry Kovalev, 2020 award winner, MIPT master's student (studies optimization methods for machine learning), Oleg Svidchenko, HSE master's student - St. Petersburg (studies agent systems and reinforcement learning systems).

The Scientific Supervisors nomination was awarded to: Alexey Artemov, Researcher at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (area of ​​interest - computer vision, including three-dimensional, and neural networks), and Alexey Shpilman, Head of the Center for Data Analysis and Machine Learning at the Higher School of Economics - St. -Petersburg (main scientific interest - applied artificial intelligence).Among other things, an installation dedicated to the Segalovich Prize was opened at the ceremony: the names of new winners will be celebrated there every year. The installation is located at Yandex headquarters.

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