10 social media myths of 2013

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10 social media myths of 2013
10 social media myths of 2013

In nature, there are only two species of representatives of this family. The former are characterized by: sarcasm, pinching of neighbors and the word "fake". For the second - gullibility and benevolent disposition. We are talking about the "family" of subscribers of social networks and their "types": ardent skeptics and everyone else. The latter believe in the existence not only of black lions, but also of blue Maltese tigers, not only in the fact that there is a Belarusian monument to a pregnant woman in Norway, but also in the pregnancy of a 34-year-old man, Thomas Beat, and, perhaps, in the fact that a handful earth from the grave of a hanged girl will cure all diseases.

invisible lizard

Today we will tell you about the most popular myths and legends of social networks in 2013.

10th place. Titanoboa


In fact, Titanoboa is truly a snake and truly extinct. However, the photo has nothing to do with it - it does not depict the real skeleton of an extinct snake at all, but just the work of the sculptor Huang Yong Ping.

The sculpture of his snake is 53 meters long, while the real Titanoboa, as Canadian and American zoologists believe, could reach only 13 meters in length with a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

9th place. Tyler Kirk's last photo


This is actually a print ad “WILHELM TELL” by Young & Rubicam Copenhagen for the Film-making Event (brand: Videomarathon) and released in May 2004. Photo taken by Michael Langhoff.

8th place. Lizard Simon


At one time, a photo of a nondescript chameleon lizard appeared on social networks, which is supposedly capable of becoming literally "transparent", adapting to the environment. As a result - loud fame, thousands of likes and re-posts with touching exclamations: "I want this!". In fact, a lizard named Simon is a character, indeed, deservedly known, but among the Photoshop lovers. She is the hero of a huge series of photoshopped books on the Worth1000 website.

7th place. Lie "LPVK"


Well-known to all public "LPVK" with a cry "We teach to think critically", as they say, "bit himself by the tail". Created for a good purpose - exposing popular "fakes", he himself became such. At least in part. And for whom it is easy now - business is business. To get to the bottom of the truth is a tedious and ungrateful business. It is much easier to trust Wikipedia's "Her Majesty" - which LPVK does regularly - and just copy a torn piece of article from there without even understanding the context. Still would! After all, this requires a whole staff of competent specialists in literally all areas. Wikipedia is simpler and more accessible, and it doesn't matter that in such a complex matter as aircraft construction, there are a lot of technical nuances, not to mention the fact that Wiki itself is full of errors, inaccuracies and contradictions.

In this post “LPVK” sarcastically asks: “Fuel tanks in airplanes, apparently, are made with gaps. Or is the fuel poured directly under the skin?"

But what well-known aviation experts write about the SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft, the authors of many books on this topic Chechin A.A. and Okolelov N.N.:

“After assembling and installing the temporary J75 engines, engineers had a new problem caused by a leak in the aircraft's fuel tanks. The titanium structure of the aircraft had to operate in the temperature range from -50 to 1000 ° C, and the designers were forced to make rather wide thermal compensation gaps between the structural elements.To seal them, special seals were used, but under the influence of fuel, they began to shrink and soften. While the plane was refueled, the number of leaks gradually increased and reached 68 in a day. The technicians had to drain the fuel, disassemble the plane and change the seals. All these operations took 60 days. Unfortunately, scientists did not succeed in choosing such a rubber composition that would not be subject to corrosive corrosive fuel and at the same time would be sufficiently elastic. Therefore, all aircraft of the A-12 (SR-71) family suffered from fuel leaks until they were removed from service, and technicians had to constantly substitute huge pallets under the aircraft fuselage in the parking lot. The fuel leak also affected the features of the use of aircraft. They took off with a minimum supply of fuel, refueled in the air from the KS-135 tankers and immediately gained a high supersonic speed. The structure was heated, the gaps between the elements of the structure were reduced, and the fuel flow stopped. Before landing, excess fuel had to be drained through a pipe at the rear of the fuselage."

You can view the full version of the article by A. A. Chechin and N. N. Okolelov here.

Comments, as they say, are superfluous, unless they are comments by "LPVK", of course. We are looking forward to them.

6th place. Long tongue


The well-known public, proudly called the "Guinness Book of Records", also, "sometimes", gives a blunder. This post about the owner of the longest (7 cm) language in the world - a German girl - is not entirely lying. But the photo is obviously fake. Firstly, it is easy even visually to notice that the girl's tongue in the photo should be much longer than seven centimeters. Secondly, the photo is not at all the real ex-owner of a long tongue, but the heroine of Photoshop.

Here is a real German - 12-year-old Annika Irmler from Hamburg:


And the record holder among women at the moment is a student from California Chanel Tapper. The length of her tongue is 9.75 cm.


5th place. Freebie lovers

This includes the "divorce" of gullible citizens. We will deliberately not talk about fees for operations or expensive treatment for children and people with disabilities. Firstly, posts of such content have been surfing the Internet for several years now. Secondly, a large number of them are nothing more than a sad truth.

And let's talk about the posts that have become popular this year. All of them quite unpretentiously report about those who, out of the kindness of their hearts, give out iPhones and cars for … ordinary likes. It would seem, who can buy such a simple trick? But a Russian person's tender feeling for freebies is much stronger than common sense. Of course, there is no confirmation that someone received anything in exchange for the notorious likes.

Image Image Image Image

4th place. Tornado devouring the rainbow


The reason for the appearance of this most popular pseudo-post was again ordinary Photoshop.

Here is the real photo:


3rd place. Giant turtle

We are approaching the top three, which means that in front of you are the “hottest” posts of the outgoing year. Here is one of them:


In fact, the fact that such a "tortilla" with such dimensions weighs only 362, 87 kg - in itself casts doubt on the authenticity of the post. A common leatherback turtle weighs three times as much.

And in the photo - a frame from the movie "Gamera: Little Heroes".

2nd place. Cosmonaut at the Cathedral of St. Jerome


In fact, the new Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin of the city of Salamanca, part of the facade of which is shown in the photograph, has nothing to do with Saint Jerome and does not bear his name. The beginning of the construction of the cathedral dates back to 1513. In 1992, the cathedral was renovated, resulting in additional modern motifs in the cladding. The reason for the appearance of such is the ancient tradition of temple builders and restorers, when restoring cathedrals, to supplement them with modern motives. This way of restoring old buildings is a kind of signature of their work.The bricklayer Miguel Romero chose the astronaut as a symbol of the twentieth century, which is why the cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin was adorned with this figurine.

By the way, many connoisseurs believe that such a tradition is harmful, since it distorts the ancient monument. It was popular in antiquity and the Middle Ages, but, alas, it is still alive.

1st place. Corpse by the lake

Only the laziest user has not seen this post on VKontakte. He flew around thousands of public pages, collecting millions of likes and re-posts. And what is in practice?


In fact, Google Maps users confused the corpse with a wet dog. This photo is real, it was taken from a satellite when it flew over the Dutch town of Almere. It was it that made the multi-million crowd of Internet users nervous and alarmed. But one fine day, a resident of Almere, Jacqueline Kenon, learned about the commotion. She identified the "corpse" - it was none other than her golden retweerer named Rama. The dog cannot live without water procedures, so on that fine day it jumped into the water and swam around the pier. After that, she returned to the flooring, but left behind a wet trail, which from the satellite can indeed be mistaken for a bloody one. Bottom line: no one is killed, the dog is washed, and Kenon is happy that her pet has gained worldwide fame. Happy end.

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