Five years before the start

Five years before the start
Five years before the start

Plans to send the first settlers to Mars announced.


The ambitious Mars One project, which is to culminate in the founding of the first Earth colony on Mars, announced its immediate plans yesterday. Among them ? sending robots and components of the future base to the Red Planet already in 2018.

According to the non-profit foundation Mars One, contracts have already been signed with Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL). The first one should deliver the descent module, and the second one? communication satellite.

According to the Mars One project, Mars will be populated by small groups of settlers? four people arriving every two years. The first of these is due to go in 2022, and the current contracts with Lockheed Martin and SSTL concern a support mission, which is scheduled to start in 2018. This is two years later than previously planned.

The Lockheed Martin lander will be based on the concept of the Phoenix spacecraft, which operated on Mars in 2008, exploring subsurface ice deposits in the North Pole region. Like Phoenix, the Mars One module is planned to be equipped with a ground manipulator and a video camera. On Mars, he will test technology for producing water from local ice and deploy thin-film solar panels to test the possibilities of generating electricity.

Together with him, a communications satellite will also go to Mars, the development of which is entrusted to SSTL. Here it will be located in geosynchronous orbit and will provide continuous data and video transmission from the descent module to Earth and back.


All the basic components of the future settlement? including two living quarters, two life support modules, a storage module and a couple of rovers? should arrive on site in 2021

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Meanwhile, on Earth itself, Mars One will already be holding a competition among those wishing to join the team of pioneers. Are everyone over 18 years old invited to participate? however, the first stage of accepting applications has already ended in August. Has he collected about 165 thousand applications from all over the world? now candidates have four more rounds of selection to reach the final.

According to Mars One, the entire project until the first colonists land on Mars will require about $ 6 billion in investments, plus $ 4 billion will be needed to send each subsequent batch. The authors of the project hope to receive the necessary funding from sponsors and exclusive partners, as well as from the income that will be brought by a reality television show about the life of the first settlers.

In the meantime, Mars One has launched a crowdfunding project on the Indiegogo website: anyone can invest in it, and for this they will have the right to take part in votes that decide certain questions about the future of the mission.

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