Mars without children

Mars without children
Mars without children

Martian colonists are advised against having children on the Red Planet.


First you need to experiment with animals. This was announced by the founder of the Mars One project, the Dutchman Bas Lansdorp at a conference in Moscow.

And only after experiments with animals show that in Martian conditions it is possible to endure and give birth to healthy offspring? will be given an "order" to give birth.

“We do not recommend making children, I would not. We do not know how the pregnancy will proceed, whether the embryo will develop correctly”,? commented by Bas Lansdorp.


Recall that the main task of the Mars One project, based in the Netherlands, is? manned expedition to the Red Planet. The first man should set foot on Martian "earth" in 2023. More than 200 thousand people have already applied for participation around the world. The lucky ones will be only four. They will remain on Mars until the end of their days and will live in settlements that will build automata for them in advance (which have yet to be launched to the planet).

It is proposed to raise funds for an ambitious mission through the sale of rights to broadcast a reality show. It will show the whole world how the selection of candidates and their training is carried out, and, of course, the life of the first colonists.

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