Scientists have proposed to build colonies in moon caves

Scientists have proposed to build colonies in moon caves
Scientists have proposed to build colonies in moon caves

According to scientists from the United States, the surface of the moon is dotted with caves and pits, where it is convenient to arrange human colonies. Thus, the Moon is becoming an increasingly attractive place for colonization.


A group of scientists from the US Arizona State University has developed a program that is able to independently find images of pits and open caves on the lunar surface among a huge number of photographs.

As a result of studying several thousand photographs taken by the LRO probe (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter), a team of astronomers using the new program has already managed to find more than 200 holes in the lunar surface with a diameter of 5 to 900 meters. Some of them, according to scientists, are an ideal place for the settlement of future colonizers of an artificial satellite of the Earth.

The pits will be useful for people carrying out activities on the surface of the moon. A settlement located inside such a hole - best of all at a depth of several tens of meters - will provide high safety for astronauts: no radiation, no micrometeorites, probably a small amount of dust and no sudden temperature fluctuations due to the change of day and night.

Robert Wagner, Lead Writer, Arizona State University

The next step in the work of scientists is the collection of more data on the lunar surface, including those obtained by other research vehicles, as well as the improvement of the search algorithm. Scientists also note that their study will help to study the geological past of the Moon more deeply.

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