Protecting the planet from asteroids will cost $ 5.6 billion

Protecting the planet from asteroids will cost $ 5.6 billion
Protecting the planet from asteroids will cost $ 5.6 billion

Experts announced the amount that will be required to create a system for protecting the Earth from asteroids using nuclear explosions. The system was developed by the Russian Center for Planetary Protection.


During the II Scientific and Technical Conference of the Non-Departmental Expert Council on Aerospace Issues, General Director of the Center for Planetary Defense Anatoly Zaitsev presented a new system for protecting the Earth, which implies the use of nuclear explosions.

According to TASS, the presentation noted that the system could be created within five to seven years. It includes reconnaissance satellites, space observatories, interceptors, and a ground control and reconnaissance segment.

The first stage of the mission involves the launch of four vehicles - two scouts and two asteroid interceptors. Its implementation will require $ 1.3 billion. The creation of ground infrastructure is estimated at another $ 1 billion.

When a dangerous asteroid is identified, it is planned to send a reconnaissance satellite to it, which will have to clarify the trajectory, dimensions, mass and other characteristics of the celestial body. Following the scout, another spacecraft will rush to a rendezvous with a celestial body. Its tasks will include the detonation of a nuclear charge near the asteroid, as a result of which the object will either be destroyed or deviate from its flight path to Earth.

According to Zaitsev's presentation, the development of the space observation segment, within which it is proposed to launch two observatory satellites and four reconnaissance satellites, will cost another $ 1.4 billion. In parallel, it is proposed to increase the number of interceptor satellites by three more satellites, which is estimated at $ 1.8 billion

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