Future Village Concept Will Help Nature Regenerate

Future Village Concept Will Help Nature Regenerate
Future Village Concept Will Help Nature Regenerate

If humanity is to face the challenges of growing populations, resource scarcity and climate change, it must rethink its existence. The ReGen Village concept was created to solve all of these problems at once.


ReGen Village needs a close-knit community to run its conceptual village, which forms the basis of its functioning.

All over the world, communities are emerging that can live in harmony with nature. Some are using solar energy as an innovative approach, while others are building their own farms that can supply food to the entire community. The ReGen Village concept takes a holistic approach that revolves around five core community functions: energy provision, organic food production, renewable energy, waste storage and recycling, and community empowerment.


ReGen Village / © regenvillages.com

The ReGen Village concept is a technologically integrated property. The concept village project attracted Danish architects from EFFEKT to develop self-sustaining ecological communities that will be located on an area of ​​15,450 sq. m.

The ReGen Village concept has received financial support from charitable foundations that promote the use of renewable energy sources. The ReGen project uses the money raised to purchase suitable land plots.

The model for the proliferation of such villages is that ReGen will use local construction firms to build the villages. In the future, the creators of the project will monitor the lives of people in the community in order to improve their project.

The first such village, which will consist of 100 houses, is planned to be built in the Netherlands. The preparation of plots for the construction of houses will begin this year.

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