Malaysians will create "amphibious houses"

Malaysians will create "amphibious houses"
Malaysians will create "amphibious houses"

The recent flooding prompted the Malaysians to develop "amphibious houses". Malaysia is washed on all sides, and floods threaten it in the future.


The recent rampant disaster cost the Malaysians $ 810 million, and about 500 thousand citizens of the state in Southeast Asia were forced to leave their homes. Scientists are thinking about how to learn how to adapt to nature. The new concept is based on the creation of a waterproof foundation that will not be anchored to the ground. Malaysian specialists are planning to put it on supports. Such "amphibious houses" will not be flooded, because if the water level rises, they, like ships, will be able to be on its surface. A hollow concrete pontoon will be used as the basis for such a house.

At the same time, after the flood, the house will not go on a "long voyage", because even during construction it will be fixed with fixing pillars. The concept implies that after the flood, all communications will also remain intact, although the latter from a technical point of view will be difficult to implement.

The creation of "amphibious houses" of the Malaysians was prompted not only by the recent flood, but also by the gloomy forecasts made by experts. According to them, in the coming decades, Malaysia may face flooding of almost all of its coastal regions. The main reason for this is called global warming. In recent years, the water level in the seas surrounding the country has risen by 0, 2-4, 4 mm every year.

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