Italians offered to "print" at home on five 3D printers

Italians offered to "print" at home on five 3D printers
Italians offered to "print" at home on five 3D printers

The Italian company WASP announced the launch of a project to supply a set of five 3D printers for the construction of buildings and household items. This is reported on the manufacturer's website.


The main element of the system will be the BigDeltaWasp delta printer. The device is a scaffolding 12 meters high with an extruder and is designed for layer-by-layer "printing" of objects from natural materials, such as soil or clay. The Maker Economy Starter Kit will also include DeltaWASP 3MT printers that can print furniture, DeltaWASP 40 70 and DeltaWASP 20 40 (interior items), TopWASP DLP (small items).

The first four printers will be supplied with a Clay Kit head for working with clay. It is assumed that the finished objects will be fired in a special pottery kiln. Additional tools will include a compressor, a welding kit, a portable lathe, a grinder, and a bioenergy unit. All components will be delivered in shipping containers.

For the convenience of users, the company intends to publish on the site free lessons on how to operate the kit. It is also planned to open access to the project "printed" using the Maker Economy Starter Kit at home, including 3D models of individual objects. According to the company, such buildings can form the basis of micro-settlements made of environmentally friendly and generally available materials - this will become an alternative to mortgage lending.

The possible cost of the kit and the date of the start of sales were not specified. The concept will be presented at the international Maker Faire Rome, which will take place from 14 to 16 October.

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