Drones will guard your homes and sites

Drones will guard your homes and sites
Drones will guard your homes and sites

Startup Sunflower Labs has developed a new home security system that uses drones to identify potential sources of danger.


The military has been using unmanned aerial vehicles for border surveillance for a long time. Now Sunflower Labs intends to implement the same approach, which seeks to provide reliable protection of homes and sites using drones and solar panels. The security system developed by the company is based on the joint use of "smart" sensors around the perimeter of the site and unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras that will constantly monitor the private property of users.

Smart sensors are conventional garden lights installed in the ground. They contain more than a dozen different detectors, thanks to which each individual element of the system can communicate with the rest and check for a security breach. Sensors react to movements, vibrations and sounds. When the system detects a potential source of danger, it informs the owner of this, who can use the drone and, using his camera, see what happened.


Security system components Sunflower Labs / © medium.com

It is worth noting that the drones independently go to the place where the violation was noticed, thanks to the same "smart" sensors that work as navigation elements. Upon arrival at the location, the drone begins broadcasting an image in real time to the owner's mobile device.

In addition, as the developers assure, the system can independently learn, which allows it not to react to familiar events, such as the return of a user or the passage of a familiar car near the site.

Sunflower Labs is currently accepting pre-orders for the system through its official website. The non-drone version is priced at $ 159, while the drone-equipped version will cost users $ 799.

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