Russia will completely abandon the Topol ICBM

Russia will completely abandon the Topol ICBM
Russia will completely abandon the Topol ICBM

As early as 2024, Russia may completely stop operating the Topol intercontinental ballistic missile. Yars will take its place.


Russia is actively re-equipping the Strategic Missile Forces. An informed source told TASS that in the foreseeable future the country will abandon the Topol RS-12M. “It is planned that in 2024 the“extreme”Topol ICBM will be removed from the Strategic Missile Forces. The Topol ICBMs that have served their service life are now being replaced by Yars ICBMs with a multiple warhead,”the agency's interlocutor said.

Some of the missiles to be decommissioned will be converted into Start-1 carriers, which will be used for civilian purposes. Earlier it became known that they can be used to launch several constellations of small satellites.

The RT-2PM Topol is a Soviet mobile ground-based strategic missile system with a three-stage solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile 15Zh58. The Topol was adopted in 1988.

For the RT-2PM, a scheme with three cruising stages was used. Each of them has a solid propellant rocket engine with one fixed nozzle. The total mass of the rocket is 45 tons. The warhead includes one warhead, as well as a compartment with a propulsion system and a control system. The charge power, according to various sources, is 550-800 kilotons.

As for the "Start-1", the rocket belongs to the light class carriers. The launch weight is 47 tons. The rocket can put more than 500 kilograms of payload into low-earth orbit. In total, from 1993 to 2006, there were seven launches of "Launches".

Russia is pinning great hopes on the new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. As it became known the other day, the first test launch of the product can be carried out in the fall. Previously, they performed a series of drop tests that do not give a complete picture of the missile's potential.


If successful, in the foreseeable future, the Sarmat will replace the Soviet R-36M2 missile, known as the Voevoda. It is assumed that the maximum launch range of "Sarmat" will be 18 thousand kilometers.

Another novelty may be the new-generation Kedr strategic missile system. The start of work on it became known this year. The project is still at an early stage.

The Americans are also actively working on the rearmament of the strategic forces. In the future, they want to get the Columbia ballistic missile submarine, which will replace Ohio-class boats. And even earlier, the United States intends to adopt the Ground Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) missile, which will replace the famous Minuteman III complex in the Air Force's arsenal.

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