The Chinese showed a "futuristic" submarine of a new type

The Chinese showed a "futuristic" submarine of a new type
The Chinese showed a "futuristic" submarine of a new type

Photos and videos have been posted on the Web showing the latest Chinese submarine, known as the Type 039C Yuan. They managed to compare it with a promising Swedish submarine of the Blekinge type, which has similar external features.

Type 039C / © thedrive

In the new photos and videos, you can see one of the most "mysterious" Chinese submarines - the newest Type 039C, the existence of which became known recently.

Last month, naval specialist HI Sutton showed a photo of the alleged new ship. It was difficult to make out anything in the picture, so the real "presentation" of the boat took place a little later.

A new video shows a submarine moving along the river. Most likely, this is the Yangtze, where the submarine was lowered in Wuhan. It is likely moving downstream for further testing.

This is the newest and potentially most advanced member of the Yuan diesel-electric boat family. These are the most numerous and powerful diesel-electric submarines in the arsenal of the People's Republic of China Naval Forces. According to data from open sources, now the Chinese fleet has 17 such ships.


The new submarine has an original appearance, but it can hardly be called unique. Similar features can be seen on the promising Swedish boat Blekinge, known as the A26. Most likely, the choice of design is due to the desire to make the submarine as quiet as possible.


The rearmament of the submarine fleet is of exceptional importance for the future of the PRC and the possible "redivision of the world." Although the Chinese naval forces have equaled in quantitative terms with the US Navy (according to some data, the Chinese have even surpassed the Americans), it is too early to talk about quality parity.

American submarines are more powerful and modern. The United States has already built two dozen new Virginia-class multipurpose nuclear submarines, belonging to the fourth (last for today) generation. They want to bring the total number of such submarines to 66 in the future. Among other things, they will be able to use a new hypersonic weapon, the first carrier of which, as it became known recently, should be the destroyer Zumwalt.

The Russian submarine fleet is in second place in terms of its potential. The commissioning of the first Project 885M multipurpose nuclear submarine has become a serious enhancement. In the recently presented photos, you can see this ship in detail from the inside.

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