Superhuman feats of ordinary people

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Superhuman feats of ordinary people
Superhuman feats of ordinary people

Superheroes from comics are not the only creators of incredible feats. Everywhere in the world, in extreme situations, ordinary people perform acts that require superhuman strength, determination and courage.


A blind man rescues a blind woman

Imagine how difficult it is to pull a blind person out of a burning building, carefully guide him through the scorching flames and choking smoke. Now imagine that you yourself do not see anything.

It was in this situation that Jim Sherman, blind from birth, found himself, having heard the cries for help from his 85-year-old neighbor from a building engulfed in fire. Groping for the hedge, he somehow got to her house from his trailer, and then just as carefully made his way into the burning building to the blind Annie Smith and dragged her to safety.


Parachutist instructor sacrifices his life

Few survive a fall from several hundred meters. However, one woman succeeded - thanks to an instructor who sacrificed his life for her. Robert Cook and his student Kimberly Deere were gaining altitude to make the first leap in a woman's life, when suddenly the plane's engine failed.

Cook told Kimberly to sit on his lap and tied her and his seat belts together. As a result, when the car crashed to the ground, most of the force of the impact was taken over by the instructor's body, protecting the woman who survived.

Robert Cook / ©

A soldier carries four fellow soldiers from the battlefield

Joe Rollino was just a mere mortal, but during his 104-year life, he accomplished many feats that only superheroes can do. Weighing only 68 kg, in his youth, he lifted a 288-kg load with only his fingers and held weights weighing one and a half tons on his back.

But he was considered a hero not for his numerous victories in competitions of strong men and the title of "the strongest man in the world." During the Second World War, among other feats, he pulled two wounded colleagues from the battlefield, holding them under their armpits, and then returned and carried out two more under constant fire.


Father rescues a child from an alligator

What parental love is not capable of! Joseph Welch from Florida came to his son's aid when a huge alligator grabbed a six-year-old by the arm and dragged him into the water.

Not caring about his own safety, Welch began to beat the reptile to release the boy. In the end, with the help of a passing person, they managed to defeat the alligator and force him to part with his prey.


The daughter raises the car to save her father

Not only men are capable of superhuman deeds for the sake of saving others, especially when it comes to close people. A man in Virginia was repairing his car while under the bottom of the car. The jack suddenly failed and the BMW fell on its owner, crushing his chest.

His 22-year-old daughter rushed to help his father. With an inhuman effort, the girl managed to lift a colossus weighing a couple of tons and move it. She then gave her father first aid before the ambulance arrived.


Woman stops school bus

It is not only courage and strength that make a person a hero, but the ability to quickly make decisions and act is equally important. In New Mexico, a school bus driver had a sudden seizure while driving and the car lost control. Fortunately, the mother of one of the schoolgirls, who was waiting for the bus with her daughter in the parking lot, noticed this in time.

She ran next to the bus and gestured to one of the children to open the doors. Once inside, Rhonda Carlsen rushed to the driver's seat, pulled the car and stopped the bus.Her determination saved not only children, but also passers-by, who could easily fall under the wheels of an unmanaged bus.


Teenager pulls a man out of a truck hovering over an abyss

This incident happened in New Zealand on October 5, 2008. A truck with a trailer in the middle of the night had an accident and hovered over an abyss. Peter Hanne, 18, wasted no time smashing the rear window of the car and dragging the injured driver outside, while the truck swayed, threatening to fall down on the sharp rocks at any moment. For his unparalleled feat, the young man was awarded a medal for bravery in 2011.

The wounded soldier returns to the battlefield

Robert Ingram's feat in the Vietnam War still boggles the mind. During a heated battle, the young soldier was wounded three times. One of the bullets hit Ingram in the head, partially blinding and making him deaf in one ear.

Nevertheless, Ingram continued to fight against the Vietnamese and climbed into the thick of it, pulling out his colleagues from under the bullets.

Robert Ingram / © Wikimedia Commons

Diving champion rescues 20 people from a sinking trolleybus

Any comic book superhero would bow before the courage of Shavarsh Karapetyan, who saved 20 people in 1976. The scuba diving champion was jogging in Yerevan with his brother in the morning when he noticed that an overcrowded trolleybus, having lost control, rushed into the lake.


Wasting no time, Karapetyan dived into the lake, kicked out the rear window with a kick and began to pull passengers out of the car, which had already sunk 10 meters into the water. Out of 92 passengers, he managed to save two dozen, until the hero lost consciousness from fatigue and cold.

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