Pokemon Go: the game that changes reality

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Pokemon Go: the game that changes reality
Pokemon Go: the game that changes reality

You still don't catch Pokemon on the streets and in parks and don't even understand why you need it? We will tell you what the excitement around the new game is connected with and why millions of people suddenly began to catch Pokémon.

Pokemon go

So what happened?

Prior to Pokemon Go, no smartphone app had generated this much interest. On July 6, a multiplayer online game based on augmented reality and geolocation technologies became available in the App Store and Google Play. The game is a joint development of the Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Niantic, which is part of the Alphabet holding and acts as the game developer. On the very first day after release, the game broke all records for the number of downloads.

And two days later, Pokemon Go was in every twentieth smartphone in the United States. The game already brings its developers $ 1.6 million a day. Such popularity could not but affect the value of Nintendo: in five days, the company's shares rose in price by 35%. So far, the game is only available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and from July 13 - in Germany. The arrival of Pokemon Go to other countries is only expected. There is no discrimination here, the company simply cannot cope with the load on the servers. But, despite the fact that the game is not officially available in our country yet, you can play Pokemon Go in Russia. We will tell you how.

In Russia, the game should appear "in the near future", as indicated on the game's website. According to the sources of Vedomosti, the official release of the game in Russia may take place until July 17 inclusive.

What is Pokemon Go and how to play it?

Pokemon Go is a game played outside. The playing field is the reality around you. Only thanks to the smartphone, the reality around you is inhabited by Pokémon that you need to find and catch. You see them, but others do not. They can be found everywhere: on the street and in a shopping center, in a park and a museum, in a forest or on a lake.

The pocket monster found with the help of hints still needs to be able to catch, he just won't want to go with you. You can catch it with a pokeball - a special container for capturing pocket monsters, similar to a baseball.


The player moves around the city, and at some point the game reports that the Pokémon is nearby. You will have to walk a couple of blocks behind him, and as soon as you see him on the screen of your smartphone, you have to catch him - throw a virtual pokeball. To do this, you need to sharply swipe your finger across the smartphone screen in the direction of the Pokemon. The captured little monster becomes part of your collection. Now he needs to be trained and used for battles with other player-trainers.


In addition to the habitats of Pokémon, reality is complemented by PokéStops and Gyms. The first are places where you can find Pokeballs and other resources you need to play. And the second are gyms where Pokemon fights take place. Moreover, they need to be occupied and defended from other players. The player who sent his animal to guard the gym is entitled to a reward. Soon, players will even be able to trade Pokémon and sell pocket animals to other players in the game.

The psychological aspect of the game

The popularity of Pokemon Go has already made me think about its psychological aspects. Pokemon Go is about achievement - getting rewards and reaching the next level. Psychologist and author of a resource on game psychology, Jamie Madigan, says that the game is built on the basis of psychological motivation - for performing certain actions, you receive a reward in the form of a new Pokemon or some objects. Pokemon Go is a game of "trophies": new Pokemon for the collection, in-game accessories and items, various rewards such as stardust, candies, etc.

In addition, the game interacts with the real world. The reality around us, it turns out, is inhabited by small monsters.And you can get them for yourself. Don't forget that the first Pokemon game came out 26 years ago. For many people, Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon, one of their childhood memories, and many would like to refresh those memories. Pokémon have millions of fans around the world who are excited about the new game.

Pokemon go plus

It will be possible to play not only from a smartphone or tablet. Pokemon Go Plus is preparing for release - a companion device in the form of a wrist bracelet. The bracelet will connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and if a Pokemon or another player is nearby, the device will vibrate and flash in different colors. This will allow you not to look at the screen all the time, which is very convenient, especially for players who forget to look around. There is already a known case when a player, carried away by the search for Pokémon, fell into a ditch. Pokemon Go Plus will also allow you to throw Pokeballs and catch Pokemon. The cost of the gadget is already known - $ 34.99.


How Pokemon Go is changing reality

The idea of ​​the developers is to populate the real world with many different pocket monsters. But their habitats will also differ. The player will deal with three types of Pokémon: common, rare and very rare. The first will be found everywhere, the second - only in special places. It will be possible to create such places ourselves, however, for a certain fee. For example, owners of shopping centers or organizers of public events will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Imagine: a Sunday shopping trip combined with a hunt for rare monsters. Undoubtedly, this can be another way to attract buyers along with sales and various events. But for especially rare Pokémon you will have to hit the road. Such will inhabit museums, natural parks and other places that would be very informative to visit.

But attackers can also create attractive places for players. This was shown in the first days after the release of the game. In Missouri, robbers, marking a pokéStop (a place where you can get game props) on the map, lured players to a place convenient for an attack. The criminals managed to use this method of organizing the robbery 11 times.

Pokemon Go Plus smartphones and bracelet are not the only gadgets with which you can find Pokemon and participate in the game. It is assumed that players will be able to use augmented reality headsets like Microsoft HoloLens. And this is, you see, another level. Pokemon Go could be the first game on the road to a new world of augmented reality games.


How to install Pokemon Go on an Android device in Russia

1. Now in Russia, Pokemon Go cannot be downloaded from Google Play. But it can be downloaded as an apk file - the executable file of Android applications. To do this, in the settings of the android device, you need to allow the installation of apk-files from unknown sources.

2. Next, you need to download the game from a source you can trust, such as this one. When choosing a resource to download, you need to proceed with caution. Due to the great popularity of the game and the temporary inability to download it on Google Play, the installation files of the game, infected with a virus, appeared on the network.

3. Run the apk file and install Pokemon Go following the instructions. How to install Pokemon Go on iPhone, iPad in Russia

1. First, go to Settings and sign out of your current Apple ID.

2. Then go back to settings and select the region - USA.

3. Find the game in the App Store. Click Get and then Install.

4. When downloading the game, you will be prompted to sign in to your account or create a new one. Select - Create New Apple ID.

5. When creating an account, specify a mailbox that you have not previously used in the App Store. Fill in the form with personal data with any name, surname, date of birth.

6. Select a payment option - None

7. Enter the United States as your country of residence. It is best to choose a real address with a real postal ZIP code. To do this, you can use Google Maps. If you don't want to search, you can choose this one - 1111 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA.

eight.After the game is installed, you can sign out of the new Apple ID and return to the old one. You will need to periodically return to the new Apple ID to update the game.

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