MIPT is the first Russian university to post lectures on iTunes U

MIPT is the first Russian university to post lectures on iTunes U
MIPT is the first Russian university to post lectures on iTunes U

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) was the first Russian university to have the opportunity to host its lectures at iTunes University.


Taras Pustovoy, head of the laboratory for innovative educational technologies at MIPT, said that the Yabloko company, which had not admitted Russian universities to its iTunes University project for seven years, made an exception for MIPT. Currently, iTunes University hosts 15 video lectures on theoretical physics and 12 on thermodynamics.

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Field theory and thermodynamics

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We tried to get on iTunes U for the last three years: we made requests four times, but Apple's management was rather wary of many countries - in particular, they did not allow the “post-Soviet bloc” to visit them. Finally, the company's policy has recently changed, they "added" about 70 countries to the list of partners.

? Taras Pustovoy, Head of the Laboratory for Innovative Educational Technologies, MIPT

But the institute does not stop there, soon it will add six more physics courses to iTunes U, each of which will have an average of 15 lectures, as well as various tasks and exercises. In total, MIPT plans to host over 500 video lectures. Everything is available in Russian, distribution is free.

The thermodynamics course covers the key aspects of this phenomenon as parts of the physical picture of the world. The basic concepts of field theory are also considered in the context of theoretical physics, etc.

Recall that iTunes University is one of the most popular mobile educational applications, which contains more than 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and other materials on thousands of different topics from various universities around the world. The number of downloads of this application is over one billion. It is not excluded that in the near future other Russian universities will be able to post their materials here.

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