The dates for the start of production of the modernized Su-57 have been announced

The dates for the start of production of the modernized Su-57 have been announced
The dates for the start of production of the modernized Su-57 have been announced

Russia in the middle of the decade may begin to produce an upgraded version of the fifth generation fighter. The car, among other things, will receive a completely updated cabin.

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In Russia, they are increasingly talking about the modernization of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. According to a TASS source in the military-industrial complex, they can start mass production of such a machine in the foreseeable future.

The development is carried out within the framework of the Megapolis experimental design work. The improved version will receive a completely redesigned cockpit and the most advanced avionics. One of the most notable innovations will be the second stage power plant. Like the existing version, the improved aircraft will be single-seater.

The creation of a two-seater modification has also been actively discussed lately, and at the official level. "The plans of the Ministry of Defense and the Sukhoi Design Bureau are to manufacture a two-pilot cockpit, which will expand the export demand for this model, it can create additional demand," Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said this year.

According to some reports, they want to use the two-seater car to control the UAV. It is assumed that one aircraft will be able to fly at least several Okhotnik strike UAVs.


The Su-57 is the first and currently the only Russian fifth-generation fighter. The car was designed at the P.O. Sukhoi Design Bureau. The aircraft should replace the fourth generation Su-27 fighter in the Aerospace Forces, as well as a number of machines built on its basis.

The Su-57 made its first flight on January 29, 2010. In addition to prototypes, two serial aircraft of this type have been produced for the entire time, and the first of them crashed during tests in 2019.

Russia will increase the production of new cars. Starting in 2022, the country wants to produce 12 fifth-generation fighters a year. In total, according to the contract signed at the Army-2019 forum, 76 such fighters should be supplied to the military.


With regard to export supplies, the prospects for the Su-57, as before, are rather vague. In June, the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, said that five countries of Southeast Asia were showing interest in the plane.

Earlier it was reported about the interest of Algeria and Turkey: to what extent this corresponds to the truth, it is not known. Let us also note that the main international partner in this direction - India - refused to cooperate several years ago. Perhaps she will purchase a new plane in the future.

Abroad counts on success in the case of the new Russian Checkmate fighter, first presented in July.

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