The first photo of a new type of Chinese nuclear submarine under construction is presented

The first photo of a new type of Chinese nuclear submarine under construction is presented
The first photo of a new type of Chinese nuclear submarine under construction is presented

A photo was posted on the Web showing the tail of a promising Chinese submarine. We can talk about the Type-095 multipurpose submarine or the Type-096 strategic ballistic missile carrier.

submarine of a new type

The construction of new submarines is one of the key (if not the key) aspects of increasing the military-political power of China in the Pacific region. Therefore, special attention is riveted to the issue.

As reported by Naval News, we can probably see a new type of nuclear submarine under construction for the Chinese Navy for the first time.

Last year, experts drew attention to a picture of the Chinese shipyard "Bohai" in Huludao - an urban district of the Liaoning province in northeastern China. The photograph showed traces of active work. The new image shows the tail section of a promising Chinese submarine. According to experts, we can talk about one of two new submarines: this is either the first Type-095 multipurpose submarine, or the Type-096 lead ballistic missile submarine.


Both ships are part of an ambitious program to expand the capabilities of the Chinese Navy. The Type-095 is expected to be comparable to the Virginia-class submarine of the US Navy, one of the world's most dangerous multipurpose nuclear submarines, dating back to the fourth generation. In turn, the Type-096, being a new strategic submarine, will be able to bring the PRC's nuclear missile potential to a completely new level.

It is too early to draw concrete conclusions. New photographs can finally shed light on the nuclear submarine under construction.

China has long shown interest in re-equipping its submarine fleet. The problem is long overdue. Now the Chinese Navy distinguishes several types of nuclear submarines, among which are the strategic submarines of the project 094 "Jin", which outwardly resemble the Soviet submarine of the project 667BDR "Kalmar". According to experts, Chinese nuclear submarines do not fully meet the requirements of the time and cannot be compared with the most powerful American nuclear submarines.


Russia is also actively re-equipping its submarine forces. In January it became known that two new strategic submarines of the fourth generation of Project 955A were ordered for the Russian Navy: "Prince Potemkin" and "Dmitry Donskoy". The boats will become the ninth and tenth ships of Project 955.

At the same time, the newest and most advanced multipurpose Russian submarine - the project 885 boat - is considered as a carrier of a new hypersonic weapon.

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