"Start" from NASA

"Start" from NASA
"Start" from NASA

Take a little NASA test with Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

Captain Kirk and Commander Spock

At the end of July, the thirteenth sci-fi film about the universe "Star Trek", called "Star Trek: Infinity", was released. Representatives of the US space agency, as proof of their long-term relationship with this media franchise, met with the main actors of the new feature film and tested their knowledge of space.

However, before you find out how knowledgeable in space Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are, we suggest that you yourself try to answer NASA's questions. Let's go: 1. What does the first "A" in NASA stand for?

A) Adventure

B) Aeronautics (in the lane of aeronautics) 2. In the orbit of which planet was NASA's spacecraft on July 4 this year?

A) Jupiter

B) Pluto 3. What do scientists call a planet orbiting a star outside the solar system?

A) Exoplanet

B) Nebula 4. He never flew into space, but it is he who holds the title of the first space shuttle.

A) Discovery

B) Enterprise 5. What is measured in light units?

A) Time

B) Distance 6. When NASA is looking for habitable worlds around other stars, it wants to find planets that …

A) Located in the so-called Goldilocks zone

B) Belong to class M planets 7. Olympus is the largest known volcano in the solar system. What planet is he on?

A) Mars

B) Earth 8. Which NASA satellite appeared in the feature film Star Trek?

A) Voyager

B) "Galileo" 9. What is the name of the first American woman to visit space?

A) Sally Ride

B) Janice Lester 10. What was created by NASA in the development of a life support system for flights to Mars?

A) Vitamin-rich baby food

B) Anti-gravity boots 11. Thanks to what technology is it possible to create different spare parts on the ISS?

A) Closed loop system

B) 3D printer 12. With which two companies has NASA signed an agreement for the delivery of astronauts to the orbital station and back to Earth?

A) Boeing and SpaceX

B) Amazon and Virgin Galactic

Answers: 1: B, 2: A, 3: A, 4: B, 5: B, 6: A, 7: A, 8: A, 9: A, 10: A, 11: B, 12: A

Now you can calmly watch how the actors who played Captain Kirk and Commander Spock answered these questions:

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