Russia launched a new multipurpose nuclear submarine "Krasnoyarsk"

Russia launched a new multipurpose nuclear submarine "Krasnoyarsk"
Russia launched a new multipurpose nuclear submarine "Krasnoyarsk"

A new project 885M ship was launched in Severodvinsk. Today it is the most advanced type of multipurpose nuclear submarine in the arsenal of Russia.

Krasnoyarsk / © Zvezda

The launch of a new nuclear submarine was reported by TASS. The submarine was taken out of the boathouse and launched at the Sevmash enterprise (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region). The command to withdraw was received from the general director of the enterprise Mikhail Budnichenko. After that, according to tradition, a bottle of champagne on the side of the ship was broken by its future commander, captain of the second rank Ivan Artyushin. According to previously announced data, the boat will enter service in 2022.

The submarine K-571 "Krasnoyarsk" became the third ship of the project 885M and the fourth, if we talk about the whole family of boats of the project "Yasen / Yasen-M". The first submarine of Project 885M entered service in May. The very first nuclear submarine of the series - K-560 Severodvinsk - was launched in 2010 and entered service in 2014.


Submarines of this type are the only Russian multipurpose submarines of the fourth, last generation for today. Among other things, they are distinguished by an even lower noise level, which increases the fighting qualities.

In the Soviet Union, plans for the creation of fourth-generation submarines were adopted in the late 1980s, but the real first projects appeared only ten years later: the aforementioned Severodvinsk was laid down in 1993.

The new Russian nuclear submarines of the fourth generation can be considered conditional analogs of the American "Seawolf" and "Virginia", which also belong to the new generation of submarines.

As for the project 885M specifically, different data appeared in open sources. It is assumed that the new subtype is somewhat smaller than Severodvinsk. Armament, probably, has not changed: the nuclear submarines have eight silos for anti-ship missiles of the Onyx and cruise missiles, as well as ten torpedo tubes.


An important feature of the project is the potential to use the new Zircon hypersonic missile, which Russia is now actively testing. New tests became known in July. The role of the carrier was played by the frigate of project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov": the rocket developed a speed of M = 7, its flight range exceeded 350 kilometers.

If plans do not change, they want to take the complex into service in the coming years. The frigate "Admiral Golovko" should become the first carrier of the rocket. It should go to sea trials in 2022. Then the frigate can be handed over to the customer.

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