Monuments to human vices and virtues

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Monuments to human vices and virtues
Monuments to human vices and virtues

The most unusual monuments in the world are, among other things, monuments to human vices. Among them: the monument "Children - victims of adult vices", in which Yuri Luzhkov took part to some extent, a monument to drunkenness at the wheel, a monument to greed and envy, and many others.

"Children are victims of adult vices"

Children are victims of adult vices

This is the name of the architectural composition of the Russian and American artist and sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin, which is located in Moscow on Bolotnaya Square. By the way, the famous memorial to the Victims of Political Repression (one of the sphinxes on the University Embankment in St. Petersburg) belongs to the same author.

The composition "Children - Victims of Adult Vices" is an eternal monument to eternal human vices, from which, first of all, our children suffer: Drug addiction, Prostitution, Theft, Alcoholism, Ignorance, Pseudoscience, Indifference (rises above the rest of the figures, occupying a central place among the rest vices in composition), Propaganda of violence, Sadism, Pillory for those with no memory, Exploitation of child labor, Poverty and War.


In the center of the composition there is a boy and a girl of preschool age who move by touch while blindfolded. Under their feet is a fallen book with fairy tales, figures surround them in a semicircle - symbols of adult vices.


“The composition was conceived and implemented by me as a symbol and a call to the struggle for the salvation of today's and future generations,” says Mikhail Shemyakin about his work. - I, as an artist, urge you to look around, hear and see what is happening with this work. And, before it's too late, sane and honest people need to think about it."

It is interesting that this sculpture was created on the initiative and order of none other than the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. The media wrote that Luzhkov showed great interest in the progress of work on the sculpture, and when he saw the sketch, he said that the composition lacks expression. After that, jumping out from behind the desk, he depicted "the expression of a rhinoceros", as Shemyakin put it, who, looking at the model, realized that it was a "Sadism" figure.

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Monument to skill and talent

One of the rare monuments that captures the few positive qualities of a contradictory human nature. This monument to a left-handed flea-shod is located in Chelyabinsk. And the flea is also present in it - everyone can examine it, using, however, a magnifying glass.

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Monument to the Siberian character

Another interesting monument that makes you remember that not everything is so bad in the world of Homo sapiens. It is located in Krasnoyarsk, not far from the pedestrian bridge over the Yenisei River. So far, as far as we know, it is a "trial" version of the monument - two rebellious wolves. In the future, the monument will probably be supplemented with a bench, a guitar and a broken mountain ash, from which juice will flow, turning into a stream.

The author of the unusual monument, Evgeny Pashchenko, said that he borrowed the ideas for his brainchild from the work of the bards, and above all from the song by Vladimir Vysotsky "The Hunt for Wolves". The meaning of the composition is as follows: wolves break through the red flags (a manifestation of the "Siberian" character) and run to the mountain ash, which symbolizes peace and tranquility.


Monuments to drunkenness

One of them - a pig in a puddle - is located in the city of Komsomolsk (Poltava region, Ukraine). The other is in Moscow on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and is a giant bottle 12 meters high filled with wrecked cars.The memorial, made in a modern style, is called "Drunkenness at the wheel".

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Liberation Monument

This means liberation from one's own vices and bad habits. This composition is also called "Breakthrough" and "Freedom". It was installed in Philadelphia (USA) in 2010. The monument is unique, nowhere else in the world is there anything like it. The author of the work, sculptor Zenos Frudakis, based it on the idea that in the fight against their own vices, someone manages to win, someone does not, and someone does not even make attempts.


Monument to greed and envy

It is quite an ugly toad with two mobile phones, a wad of banknotes and a gold chain in the style of the new Russians. The toad sits on the heads of four people: a man, a woman, an old man and a child. The composition has a very accurate name: "Toad that strangles", and is located in Berdyansk (Ukraine).


Monument to vices

This time they are personified by three rather cute gnomes, one of whom is crippled, the second is blind, and the third is deaf. Probably, the author was not at all going to ridicule the corresponding physical disabilities - the gnomes personify internal deafness, blindness and weakness. The monument is located in Madrid.


What unusual monuments are there in your city?

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