The most unusual hotels in the world

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The most unusual hotels in the world
The most unusual hotels in the world

The most unusual hotels in the world are the ice hotel, the hotel in the sewers, the hotel in the salt mine and in the jungle.

Ice hotel

The Ice Hotel

Tired of snotty winter, do you want a real New Year? Then you should take a closer look at Sweden, where The Ice Hotel is located in the town of Jukkasjärvi (which is 200 km north of the Arctic Circle) - an ice hotel that architects rebuild every year. However, it is worth stocking up on warm clothes, since you will have to sit on ice chairs and sleep on ice beds. The hotel administration, however, took care of you - you will be given reindeer skins, sleeping bags, thermal underwear and a hat. This is not surprising, because the temperature inside this freezer never rises above -7 degrees. If you suddenly want to come here in the summer, when there is literally only a wet place left from The Ice Hotel, you can live in a wooden chalet, enjoying Scandinavian fishing.

Price: from 1150 SEK per person per day.

Hotel on the trees Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

This hotel, on the other hand, is intended for those who are tired of frost and dream of spending the holidays surrounded by "wild monkeys". Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is an eco-hotel, lost in the jungle of Brazil, on the banks of the Rio Negro River, 60 km from the city of Manaus.

You will live in wooden houses located right among the lush crowns of the Brazilian forest, walk along the hanging bridges and gradually turn into … Tarzan. That, you see, is sometimes useful, especially for residents of megacities. Right from your room you can observe the bustling life of the tropical jungle, but when going on such a "tour-trip", remember about the rainy season, which lasts here six months a year, and also do not forget about Mowgli's insidious friends - predators and other carnivores living creatures, which are more than enough in the tropics. But the hotel, apparently, is definitely worth taking a closer look at - it's not for nothing that international conferences are regularly organized here and even the leaders of many states have a rest.

Price: from $ 500 per day.


Poseidon Undersea Resort - hotel under water

If you want something truly extreme, go to the Fiji Islands, or rather, to one of them with the characteristic name Poseidon. There you can go under water to the Poseidon Undersea Resort, built on the basis of a former underwater station. Of course, the depth here is shallow - only 12 m, but the walls and ceilings are made of transparent glass, and the sealed capsule rooms are connected by an equally sealed corridor. So you can watch the ocean life from the comfort of your bedroom, dining room or reception. If this is not enough for you, then Poseidon Undersea Resort services include remote feeding of fish using a remote control. For a fee, the hotel will also turn on special lighting for you to attract the beautiful tropical fish.

The price of the weekly program is $ 15,000 per person.


Hotel in the retro train - The Old Railway Station

In order to stay at this hotel, you will have to visit the UK, inaccessible to many tourists. The Old Railway Station is located in the British town of Petworth, on the territory of the old railway station. It is a retro train, each car of which is a separate number, and with all the conveniences. The hotel's “common areas” look even more unusual: its hall is the waiting room of the station, the kitchen is located in the area of ​​ticket offices, the platform has turned into a cozy street cafe, where you will be served breakfast in summer.

Price: from 170 euros per day.


Das Park Hotel - hotel in sewers

The desire to climb into a concrete pipe does not arise every day, does it? But if you decide that your business is, as they say, a pipe, of course, climb into it and understand that everything is very good for you.This is understandable, because you probably have the opportunity to visit Austria, where there is an amazing hotel - Das Park Hotel, consisting of concrete sewer pipes. Each of them is equipped with some amenities - there is a door, electricity, a ventilation hatch and a double bed, but other benefits of civilization are in the courtyard. It is not surprising that for all this "luxury" you will not have to fork out especially - everyone pays as much as he wants.


Hotel in a salt mine

It is located in the town of Bochnia (Poland) in one of the oldest structures in Europe - in a salt mine, where rock salt has been mined since the 13th century. Today you can visit the mine with an excursion or spend the night in a hotel located here, at a depth of 250 m. True, there are only two rooms for overnight stay - they are two chambers - Vazhin and Coldra. But there is a restaurant and a gym. Nothing interesting? Don't jump to conclusions: among other things, here you can book an underground railway trip, a boat crossing and even a descent from a 140-meter slide. But not only for extreme sensations, tourists go to this underground - the microclimate of the Bochnia salt mine is considered curative.

Price: from 40 to 70 zlotys (10-17 euros) per night per person.


Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort - hotel in a cave

But this is a truly romantic place, and it is located, of course, in Italy, in the very beautiful town of Matera. Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort itself is located in an ancient gorge, so everyone who stops here must feel how from 2 to 4% of Neanderthal genes "move" in it (as you know, every person on the planet, except Africans). True, compared to the Neanderthals, a little more civilization awaits you - tasteful rooms with comfortable beds, gourmet cuisine, a bathroom, an art gallery, etc.

Price: from 230 euros per day (standard double room).


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