TESS has discovered a new hot Jupiter

TESS has discovered a new hot Jupiter
TESS has discovered a new hot Jupiter

Scientists at the Southern European Observatory have discovered a hot new Jupiter orbiting a young, bright star.


After analyzing data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), astronomers discovered hot Jupiter orbiting a young F-type star HD 2685. The work on the study appeared in the arXiv.org preprint database and can be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The new exoplanet, designated HD 2685b, is approximately 646 light-years from Earth. This celestial body is about 1, 44 times larger and 1, 2 times more massive than Jupiter. It makes a complete revolution around its star - HD 2685 - in 4.13 days at a distance of only 0.06 astronomical units.

"This system is a typical example of a swollen transit hot Jupiter in a circular orbit," said ESO astronomer Matthias Jones and colleagues.

The parent star HD 2685, also known as TIC 267263253 and TOI 135, is approximately 1.3 billion years old. It has a relatively high temperature - about 6540 degrees Celsius. Dr. Jones suggests that the temperature of the open exoplanet is approximately 1800 degrees.

“Given the visual magnitude of the parent star (V = 9, 6m), it is one of the brightest known stars with transiting hot Jupiter, and is also a good example of systems that TESS may detect in the future during its initial two-year mission, the researchers say. "It is also an excellent target for further ground and space atmospheric performance."

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