Top amazing developments of 2015

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Top amazing developments of 2015
Top amazing developments of 2015

We present to you the top of the most interesting developments of 2015. Among them - a new car from Tesla Motors, Hololens glasses and a hoverboard.


Microsoft Hololens

Hololens augmented reality glasses are one of the most interesting new products, and, importantly, it has very good prospects for the future. What can the gadget boast of? First of all, it has a very attractive appearance: the glasses are somewhat similar to the equipment of a skier. Augmented reality is formed by overlaying digital graphics on objects that surround us. The transparent glass of the gadget acts as a screen. To work in augmented reality, you can use your hands or give commands by voice.

The new device will allow you to turn your home wall into a huge screen and display any information that the application allows on it. These can be movies or games. Moreover, your entire apartment can turn into one large arena for the game. However, Hololens can be used for more than just entertainment. Among the options for the use of glasses can be a professional field, for example, 3D-design.


Hololens has its own processor and graphics processing module. The big plus is that it is a standalone device that does not need a smartphone or PC connection. A developer version is now available, and ordinary users will receive points no earlier than 2020. It is hoped that Microsoft will have eliminated all the technical difficulties by then, and we will get a wonderful gadget in all respects.



In Back to the Future, the protagonist arrives in a time machine in 2015 and sees, among other things, a flying skateboard. Lexus probably decided to take advantage of the hype about this and introduced their own hoverboard. It took about six months to develop the Lexus Hoverboard, and in August 2015 we saw a working prototype.

The concept is based on the principle of quantum levitation. It uses semiconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen down to -197 ° C in the board, as well as a special magnetic coating of the surface over which athletes will hover. In other words, the shown prototype is far from its "cinematic" prototype, because it can only be used on a special skate area. Another drawback is the difficulty of "piloting". Even professional athlete Ross McGuran admitted that it is very difficult to predict the behavior of a flying board.


One thing is for sure: the prototype shown will not go on sale. But we may be able to see something like this in 5-10 years, when Lexus will eliminate all the flaws. The main thing is that such a project was officially launched, and now it's up to the technical side of the implementation. The concept itself was to the liking of the public. An important question, of course, is related to the price, but the creators do not yet give unambiguous answers. In any case, such a board will cost more than a regular skateboard, but how much is unknown.

There were also critics of the project. For example, Sam Sheffer, an employee of The Verge, says that hoverboards have no future, and Lexus just wants to attract the public's attention. “Riding a hoverboard is very difficult. In addition, it needs to be constantly cooled with liquid nitrogen,”says Schaeffer.


Tesla model x

Tesla Motors has also pleasantly impressed its fans this year. The creator of electric vehicles has officially unveiled the Tesla Model X - the first crossover in the history of the brand. As always, I was pleased with the verified design: the solutions that have become Tesla's calling card are well recognized on the car.

The filling of the electric car is also very interesting. Model X is offered in two versions: 90D and P90D. The first received two 259-horsepower engines and will gain 96 km / h in 4.8 seconds. But the power of the P90D version is 772 hp, and it can accelerate to 96 km / h in just 3, 8 seconds.It is argued that the electric car is nimble than the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 (agree, not bad for a crossover).

The power reserve, depending on the modification, will reach 400-411 km. The onboard electronics limits the maximum speed to 250 km / h, but this, I must say, is a lot. Note also that the car boasts a record-low drag coefficient in its class, which is only 0, 24. Another interesting feature is the presence of automatic doors resembling gull wings in shape. This solution fulfills not only aesthetic, but also a practical function.

The price of the basic configuration is 81 thousand dollars, but the most "top-end" will cost 142 thousand. This is slightly higher than the cost of the famous Model S, but in the future Tesla wants to reduce the price of the car. In general, according to forecasts of Tesla Motors analysts, in the future, crossovers will make up half of all cars sold by the company.


Laser razor

Few new products of the outgoing year have received as much attention as the Skarp laser razor. This device uses a laser to cut hair. Similar technologies (laser hair removal) have been used before, but it was the first time to replace an ordinary razor with a laser. The creators stated that it would be impossible to cut with such a razor, and there would be no irritation after shaving. But, of course, what attracted the audience most was the message of a perfectly close shave, which is almost unattainable in the usual way.

The creators not only voiced the idea, but also showed a prototype. All this made it possible to raise almost $ 4 million at the time the project was stopped on Kickstarter. The official reason for the closure was the lack of a normally working device. Indeed, in a full minute of the video demonstration, only a few hairs were cut, and some were removed far from the first attempt. Simply put, the shown prototype could not replace a conventional machine. But the difficulties did not stop the developers, and after the cancellation of the project on Kickstarter, they took up fundraising on the Indiegogo platform, where a working prototype is not required.


Visually, Skarp looks like a regular razor, but instead of blades, it uses intense pulsed light technology. Such a razor should be powered by an ordinary finger-type battery. They wanted to start selling the device in the spring of 2016, but it's hard to say when Skarp will now go on sale (and whether it will go at all). It is obviously too early to speak with certainty about the price of the device.


Noise-canceling headphones

In the future, a person will be able not only to see what he has programmed in advance, but also to hear only those sounds that he wants to hear. In any case, such a possibility was announced by the American company Doppler Labs, which presented the Here Active Listening system.

The device looks like ordinary headphones, and its use will not cause unnecessary questions from strangers. These are small wireless earplugs connected to the app via Bluetooth. To control the system, it is enough to have a smartphone or other mobile device with you. The essence of the concept is that some sounds can be amplified, and some, on the contrary, can be muffled. For example, it is possible to muffle the crying of a child or the noise of an arriving train. According to the creators, we have before us a kind of augmented audio reality that allows you to enjoy all sounds, except for those that you don't like.

The developers not only raised the required amount on Kickstarter, but also attracted experts from Apple, Nike and Microsoft. The cost of such a "hearing aid" will be $ 249, and the delivery of the first devices was planned to begin in December.


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