"Washington Carousel": UFO over the capital

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"Washington Carousel": UFO over the capital
"Washington Carousel": UFO over the capital

Naked Science will try to find an explanation for the event that is unparalleled in the history of UFO evidence. It happened back in 1952, and was called the "Washington Carousel". What was the UFO doing over the capital?


"Plates" over the White House

Ninety-nine percent of UFO sightings lend themselves to logical comprehension, and only one percent baffles specialists. The Washington Carousel is just such a case. Everyone is involved in this story: scientists, the military and the government, but no one has been able to give it at least some plausible explanation.

On July 19, 1952, at about 11 pm, a group of seven UFOs was spotted by radar at Washington Dulles Airport. FAA Chief Dispatcher Barnes later said that objects flew erratically.

UFOs were moving in the direction of the American capital at a speed exceeding 2000 km / h. This is quite a lot of "agility" for the aircraft of that time. But the problem is also that, according to the aviation services, there could be no aircraft in this area at that moment. The incident could be attributed to a malfunction of the radar equipment. If not for one "but": the radars of the Andrews military base, which was only 20 kilometers from the city center, also detected strange objects. And then the UFO was noticed at the Bolling Air Force Base, located near the Washington airport. And one more thing: the aircraft did not react in any way to the dispatchers' requests.

Some researchers report that for several minutes the world was on the verge of a nuclear threat, because due to the speed, sometimes reaching 11,000 km / h, the mysterious objects were quite similar to the ballistic missiles of the USSR. However, the incredible maneuverability of the UFO quickly dispelled these fears: no rocket is capable of making such turns.

It is also symbolic that soon after the appearance of the UFO, they hovered over the Capitol and the residence of the President of the United States. The country's leadership did not tolerate such impudence from uninvited guests and sent fighters to intercept. On the night of July 20, two F-94 Starfires took off from the Delaware base and headed for Washington. Noticing the approaching fighters, the UFOs disappeared, but soon returned again. And then the pilots assured that the "saucers" seemed to be watching their actions and purposefully avoiding meetings. True, in those years, fighters did not have powerful radars, and the pilots could only believe their own eyes.


And also UFOs were seen by numerous residents of Washington. Objects glowed strangely, and therefore their outlines seemed blurry. Later, the instruments will show that the diameter of each of them reached about 40 m. On the morning of July 20, the capital's newspapers came out with screaming headlines reminding us that we are not alone in the Universe.

On July 26, the "end of the world" continued. Civilian pilots and ground controllers saw something over the capital again. American radars also spotted it. In total, more than ten "contacts" were recorded over Washington that day. But one of the most surprising twists in this story happened the next night. Military pilot William Patterson tried to fly up to objects, and UFOs … suddenly surrounded him. For a while, the objects simply accompanied the plane, but then disappeared. On July 27, they reappeared, and other pilots told about their meetings with them. According to the descriptions of the pilots, the unidentified objects looked like giant balls, from which a white glow emanated.

There were no casualties in the course of this story.However, it began to cause serious concern for the US government. On July 29, an order was issued obliging fighter pilots to attack UFOs if they … did not respond to instructions from the military. An arrogant statement, to be sure! After all, the pilots still have not been able to even reach the attack distance. Unidentified objects performed virtuoso pirouettes and easily escaped pursuit.

Meanwhile, residents of the capital continued to observe luminous objects in the sky for another two whole weeks. According to the testimony of witnesses, UFOs could abruptly change their flight trajectory without making any turn. Objects moved synchronously, like a squadron of aircraft, then diverged in different directions. Then the balls flew away forever.

But the Washington Carousel continued to unfold more and more. The newspapers were going crazy. By the way, then the American media could afford to be completely frank for almost the last time: already in 1954, all cases of meetings with aliens became a matter of national security, falling under the stamp of complete secrecy.

The Washington Carousel has been called the most well-documented UFO sighting. There are many photographs and videos of this incident. The phenomenon was observed by many eyewitnesses


You can't be silent

In the 1950s, the "Blue Book" project was active in America, the purpose of which was to study such phenomena. It was led by Air Force Captain Edward Ruppelt. At the time of the incident, he was in the US capital, but did not immediately find out about the appearance of a UFO, and only from newspapers.

At first, Ruppelt's own attempts to find out at least some details were unsuccessful. The Air Force command recommended that he forget about the incident. But after the objects lit up the Washington sky again on July 26, Ruppelt still decided to get involved. The very next day, US President Harry Truman himself called him. Lacking sufficient information, the captain tried to explain the phenomenon by natural factors. But whether these explanations were satisfied by the president or not remains unknown.

But it is known that at least one more person from the Blue Book project, Major Fournet, took part in the investigation. On July 26, Fournet and an Air Force radar specialist were invited to look at a Washington airport radar screen. After which they came to the conclusion that the unidentified vehicles are composed of a solid material, probably metal. The officers requested support for the fighters and began to observe the radar screen. What they saw was similar to what the pilots were talking about: the intruders, indeed, seemed to avoid encounters with US combat aircraft. As soon as the fighters approached the UFOs, they immediately disappeared from the screen, and reappeared only later, when the planes flew off for refueling.

After that, the government threw every effort to ensure that the incident was forgotten. On July 29, the US Air Force held the largest press conference since World War II, at which the alien theory was vehemently rejected. The military attributed the strange phenomena in the sky of Washington to natural factors, in particular, the inversion of the air. The Air Force tried to prove that the objects were not at all solid and did not pose any danger to the population. But such explanations ran counter to the conclusions of the Blue Book specialists. Even before the press conference, Project Manager Ruppelt met with Major Fournet. The latter was completely confident in his early testimony. In his opinion, the incident could not be attributed to any natural phenomena.

The Blue Book is the most famous UFO sighting project. It began in 1947, but closed only in the 1970s. The work resulted in 12 thousand UFO reports, almost all of which found a completely "earthly" explanation



We will take the liberty of declaring the official version of what happened to be untenable.None of the celestial bodies, like meteorites, are naturally capable of hovering in the air. Airflow theory also does not give us enough answers. If the temperature inversion took place, then the air streams would be reflected on the radar screens in the form of constant lines. In our case, a group of airborne objects was observed on the radars, which either disappeared or reappeared. The radar readings also undermine attempts to explain the incident as distorted light. But does all this speak about the indisputable fact of visiting the Earth by aliens? Let's not rush to conclusions.

After the incident over Washington, a special group of the best scientists of their time was formed to look at such cases. It was headed by the physicist Howard Robertson. Scientists were able to explain almost all cases of UFO sightings from the point of view of science, without resorting to ufological versions. However, this story has its own oddities. Following the investigation, scientists strongly recommended that the UFO data be classified, and the government took their advice

If we discard the version of the aliens, there is only one option: the "Washington carousel" is nothing more than the creation of human hands. Since the speed and maneuverability of the UFO exceeded that of all aircraft existing at that time, these were hardly enemy spy planes. However, like the secret US military aircraft. And if it was an incredible provocation of foreign special services, how did they manage to lead a powerful nuclear power by the nose for two weeks?..

But there is reason to believe that the Washington Carousel could have been a well-planned action … by the US government itself. It is difficult to say what goals she pursued. Here it is appropriate to say the following. In those years, America was embroiled in a long and bloody war with Korea, the number of Americans killed was in the tens of thousands. By 1952, the country was tired of a futile war, and President Harry Truman's ratings were steadily sinking.

Truman was one of the ideologues of confrontation with communist countries, and many blamed the Korean conflict on him. In the fall of 1952, a presidential election was to be held, in which the Democrats, led by Truman, risked a fiasco. As you know, this is what happened, but in the summer of 1952, all the forces of the pro-government party were aimed at fighting political opponents.

Some kind of relaxation was needed to distract the population from external and internal problems. Perhaps experienced political strategists saw in the "aliens" a tool for influencing the minds of citizens. The creation of some kind of space threat would allow residents to forget for a while about the crisis in which the country was dragged. Of course, this is just a version, and there is no real confirmation of its veracity.



With a request to clarify, we turned to the most famous ufologist in Russia, coordinator of the research organization "Cosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov.

- It is impossible to say anything for sure in our area, but this case is really unique. Many ufologists accuse me of being overly skeptical, but in reality, in more than 90% of UFO cases, it can be explained by natural factors or fakes by enthusiasts.

To determine the importance of an observation, I use a scale from 0 to 6 for factors such as reliability and abnormality. In most cases, I put 0 for the first or second metric. This means either the falsification of the phenomenon, or the fact that it can be explained by natural factors. At the same time, the six will be appropriate to use only in conditions of reliable contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, which has never happened in history.

The Washington incident can be ranked 5 in terms of confidence and 4-5 in terms of anomalies. This suggests that the Washington Carousel is one of the most interesting sightings.In total, there are at least 30 such cases in world practice.

The main feature of this incident was that the events took place in the very heart of the United States. UFOs flew over the White House and the Capitol, where all flights are generally prohibited. In the language of the military, this is called a "show of force." Unidentified objects played with the Americans like a cat and a mouse. The threatening behavior of UFOs forced the US government to look at this phenomenon in a completely different way, because until the events of 1952, unidentified objects were considered harmless.

Americans in those years had many fears that UFOs could be Soviet aircraft. But none of these devices, in principle, possessed the characteristics that UFOs possessed. True, in the 1950s, the Americans did not know for sure about this, and this added an extra headache to the US government.

Personally, I am convinced that the appearance of objects took place. What these objects were is another question. It is impossible to explain the phenomenon by natural factors, but in those years it was a very difficult task to imitate something similar. At that time, there were no advanced technical means to make a "show" of this magnitude. It would be especially difficult to deceive technically competent military specialists. Of course, many UFO incidents have been faked in the United States, but all of these incidents are strikingly different from our incident.

Regarding your point of view about a certain political technology - again, the Americans could have been innocent of this phenomenon, but this did not prevent them from using it for political purposes.


Another well-known specialist, writer and ufologist Yaroslav Sochka adheres to a slightly different point of view:

- The version about a natural phenomenon is the only natural science hypothesis. But it does not stand up to criticism: objects were recorded by radar, there are numerous testimonies, photos and videos. It is clear from the information available that the phenomenon could not have been caused by "air disturbances" and "air flow inversion," as stated by the Pentagon.

Could the incident be a hoax of the US government? It is hard to say. In the early 1950s, the CIA and the US Air Force attributed UFO incidents to the pranks of enemy states, which wrote about UFOs through the media in order to cause mass panic. It is unlikely that the government itself in 1952 facilitated this by staging a "Washington invasion" followed by a "burial" of UFO research. Although it was technically possible.

As you can see, the Washington Carousel is a truly unique case. It is not possible to completely refute the version about the visit of the Earth by aliens. It is very difficult to write off a mysterious phenomenon as a natural phenomenon or falsification. In this case, we can say with complete certainty only one thing: we will not get a reliable answer to the question about what happened very soon. If we get it at all.

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