Looking for firefighters, looking for police

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Looking for firefighters, looking for police
Looking for firefighters, looking for police

The loudest missing items are treasures, nuclear bombs, the Amber Room, Hitler's corpse, a letter from Hell, allegedly written by Jack the Ripper.


the Amber Room

This priceless masterpiece of 18th century art, as you know, disappeared without a trace during the Great Patriotic War. The cabinet completely finished with amber is a work of German masters, created by them for King Frederick I, and then presented to our Tsar - Peter I.

The tsar liked the gift: “The king gave me a hefty present with a yacht, which is well-tidied up in Potsdam, and a cabinet in Amber, which has long been wished for,” he wrote to his wife Catherine I.

"Cabinet Amber" was brought to St. Petersburg in 1717 with great precautions. Then the master Alexander Martelli, under the guidance of the famous architect Rastrelli, made the Amber Room from the Amber Cabinet, which added space and luxury.

During the Great Patriotic War, the room was captured by the Germans and was taken out. Her whereabouts are still unknown. According to one of the versions, in order to "disguise" the room from the Nazis, it was pasted over with paper, cotton wool and gauze, so the Germans easily guessed what was hidden behind this wretched interior. And they could not help but guess, taking into account the rest of the luxurious rooms of the Catherine Palace. The future fate of the Amber Room can only be guessed at.

In 2003, for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the room was restored using Kaliningrad amber, including with German money.


Hitler's corpse

A much less pleasant thing than the Amber Room, but no less important in the historical and political sense of the word. The controversy about who was found in the Berlin bunker - the body of Hitler himself or his double - has not ceased to this day. Many to this day are sure that Hitler and Eva Braun managed to escape, and they calmly lived the rest of their days in Argentina, but the scientific community rejects such versions.


Letter from hell

A parcel and a letter with such a "life-affirming" inscription in October 1888 was received by the head of the London vigilante committee, George Lusk. A sarcastic letter and a human kidney gnawed by human teeth may have been sent by none other than the famous Jack the Ripper - the thunderstorm of all London prostitutes. The evidence was photographed, locked in the safe of the police station and … was never seen again.

There is a version that a secret admirer of Jack the Ripper served in the police, who stole a letter and an alcoholic kidney as a souvenir. And some even argue that Jack himself could have been hiding under the modest uniform of a London police officer, and in his free time he dismembered local prostitutes.

The text of the "letter from Hell": From Hell. Mr. Lusk, sir. I am sending you half a kidney that I took from one of the women and kept for you. The other half I fried and ate, it was lovely. I'll send you a bloody knife to carve it if you wait longer. Catch me when you can, Mr. Lusk. "


Sunken ship "San Jose"

In 1708, the British and Spanish empires fought each other in the so-called War of the Spanish Succession, which erupted after the death of the last of the Habsburgs of the Madrid royal court - the invalid Charles II.

On June 8, the San Jose in the Caribbean stumbled upon the British fleet, which sank the unfortunate Spanish ship. If only the British knew what treasures were hidden by the seemingly unremarkable ship "San Jose". Together with him, 344 tons of gold and silver coins and 116 chests of emeralds went under the water.They say that today all this stuff is worth more than 2 billion US dollars, and if you take into account the collection value - all 10 billion.

They tried to find the treasure several times, but after the government of Colombia (in whose territorial waters the treasure was sunk) cut the reward for finding it to 5%, and even prohibited expeditions to use sonars and echo sounders, the number of treasure hunters sharply decreased.


Lost atomic bombs

In November 2008, the British radio station BBC, referring to the results of a special exclusive investigation, reported that on January 21, 1968, a strategic bomber of the US Air Force B-52 crashed near the American base North Star Bay, off the coast of Greenland. There were four atomic bombs on board the plane. A special operation was organized, and the United States announced that it had raised all nuclear weapons from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. But according to the Air Force, the fourth bomb was never found.

There is, however, an opinion that there are much more nuclear weapons in the world than one "pathetic" US nuclear bomb. For example, bombs could remain at the crash site of nuclear submarines carrying nuclear weapons. These are, for example, such boats as the Soviet K-219 and, possibly, K-8. The depth and possible risks make it difficult to carry out the bomb lifting operation. Russia, however, does not confess to any nuclear losses, and who will confess! The only slightly reassuring thing is that if all this is so, then the lethal weapons are probably located in places that are difficult for terrorists to reach, such as the sea and ocean floor.


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