A video with the "alien from Arkaim" was posted on the Web

A video with the "alien from Arkaim" was posted on the Web
A video with the "alien from Arkaim" was posted on the Web

A video was leaked on the Internet, which allegedly depicts an "alien" found on the territory of the "Arkaim" reserve.


First of all, attention is drawn to the unusually elongated skull, which, according to ufologists, testifies to the discovery of an "alien creature". This, in particular, was announced by the Express edition. Fans of everything strange and mysterious were even able to classify the creature, saying that it was a "gray alien" (they are often depicted with big eyes and a huge head). Some went even further and began to draw analogies with the monster from the movie "Alien".

Such a find was indeed made and, as can be judged, interested scientists. But, of course, it has nothing to do with UFOs. The remains may belong to a woman from the nomadic Sarmatian tribe. The elongated shape of the head is the result of traditions, according to which the inhabitants of the tribe, even in childhood, squeezed their heads with ropes and planks. Tradition could perform aesthetic functions - we can see something similar in the example of some ancient peoples.

The fortified settlement "Arkaim" was discovered in the summer of 1987. It includes a fortified city, two necropolises, and traces of pastures. The city is surrounded by two walls, its diameter is 170 m. On the territory of "Arkaim" scientists have found the remains of animals and people, as well as numerous objects.

The skeleton of an ancient nomad / © YouTube

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