Unique artifact found in Crimea

Unique artifact found in Crimea
Unique artifact found in Crimea

During underwater excavations in the bay near Cape Ak-Burun, archaeologists have discovered a fragment of a terracotta sculpture made in the shape of a head. Scientists themselves call the artifact unique for the Northern Black Sea region - previously nothing of the kind has been found.


The find was made during an underwater excavation in a bay near Cape Ak-Burun. A bridge over the Kerch Strait is under construction in this area. According to researchers, the man's head may be part of a terracotta bust or statue: in any case, it belongs to a very large piece. According to scientists, it was not possible to find anything like this on the territory of the Northern Black Sea region.

Researchers have yet to answer all the critical questions related to the find. To clarify its functionality, origin and dating, leading experts researching ancient Greek art will be involved. Scientists also intend to conduct laboratory studies that will help to accurately determine the composition of the clay from which the head is made. At the moment, archaeologists believe that the artifact was made in Asia Minor in the 5th century BC. NS.


Found artifact / © Crimean Bridge

For the production of the sculpture, the die-print method was used. First, the master engraved the hair and beard on raw clay, after which the product was fired. This technology was widely used as early as the 6th century BC. e., however, as a rule, for the manufacture of figurines, the height of which did not exceed 40 cm. After all the necessary research, the find will be transferred to the funds of the East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

Throughout ancient and medieval history, the Northern Black Sea region served as the main transit corridor for various nomadic peoples. Not earlier than the 5th century BC. NS. In this region, politically and economically significant ancient Greek city-states, such as Olbia and Chersonesos, appeared.

Earlier, we will remind, the collective of the reserve "Chersonesos Taurichesky" refused to work under the leadership of Archpriest Sergei Khalyuta. Soon the latter left his post.

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