Coldest places on earth

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Coldest places on earth
Coldest places on earth

The coldest places on Earth are the Vostok station in Antarctica, Oymyakon, Verkhoyansk, etc.


"East" is a cold business

The absolute record holder for low temperatures is, of course, the South Pole, or rather the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica. On July 21, 1983, the lowest temperature on the planet in the entire history of meteorological observations was recorded here: -89, 2? C. Fortunately, such "Martian" temperatures are not at the station all year round, although the average temperature, of course, leaves much to be desired for a trip to the palm trees - -57, 3? С. The average temperature in January (one of the "warmest" months) is -35, 5? C, and in the "winter" month of July - -73, 8? C.

Oymyakon - Pole of Cold

The Yakut village of Oymyakon greets visitors with this inscription. Officially, the lowest temperature recorded in Oymyakon is -67.7? С (1933), and according to unofficial data, in 1938 the frost here reached -77.8? С. However, on July 28, 2010, Oymyakon residents were exhausted from the real heat: the thermometers showed 34.6 ° C. The difference between the absolute minimums and maximums in this region is more than one hundred degrees, and according to this indicator, Oymyakon occupies one of the first places in the world. Despite the fact that the absolute minimum at Vostok station is 12 degrees lower, it is Oymyakon that can be recognized as the coldest place on the planet, because Vostok is located at an altitude of 3448 m above sea level, and Oymyakon is significantly lower.


Or is it Verkhoyansk?

The city of Verkhoyansk is also located in Yakutia. And opinions about who owns the honorary title of the coldest place on Earth are far from unambiguous. In Yakutia, for example, the dispute between Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk was resolved in favor of the latter, but a number of scientists still consider the “frosty superiority” of Oymyakon to be indisputable.

The minimum average monthly temperature in Verkhoyansk in January is 3 degrees lower than in Oymyakon; it is also lower in February, April, June, July, August and December. However, the average annual temperature in Oymyakon is still 0.3 degrees below Verkhoyansk, and the absolute minimum, according to official data, exceeds that in Verkhoyansk by as much as 12.2 degrees. What can you say here? One thing is clear: even the enemy will not wish to spend a vacation in these parts.


Chilling Greenland

Needless to say, Siberia is a cold place, and this applies not only to Yakutia, but also, as you can understand, to many other, slightly "warmer" regions, for example, Magadan, Omsk or Novosibirsk. But what about the rest of the world?

The lowest temperature in Greenland was recorded at the Northern Ice research station on January 9, 1954 - -66, 1 ° C.


North America and Europe

In North America, the frosty record belongs to the Canadian settlement of Snag: on February 3, 1947, there was a cold of -63 ° C.

In Europe, the coldest place is the village of Ust-Shchugor (Komi Republic). On the New Year's Eve - December 31, 1978 - a "harsh" gift awaited the residents of Ust-Shchugorsk: frost with a temperature of -58, 1 ° С.

South America, Australia and Africa

Even these hot corners are sometimes visited by His Majesty frost. So, in the Argentine city of Sarmiento on June 17, 1907, a temperature of -33 ° C was recorded.

In Australia and Oceania, it is warmer - in the city of Renferley, which in New Zealand, on July 18, 1903, there was a frost of -25, 6 ° С.

Of course, our common ancestral home Africa is rightfully considered the warmest continent, but its coldest region is the city of Ifrane (Morocco). On February 11, 1935, a "terribly low" temperature was recorded here - -23, 9 ° С.


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