Masterpieces of art attacked by vandals

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Masterpieces of art attacked by vandals
Masterpieces of art attacked by vandals

The most famous masterpieces of art, spoiled by vandals: Danae Rembrandt, Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci, Pieta Michelangelo, Venus with a mirror Diego Velazquez, etc.


Pieta by Michelangelo

It happened on May 21, 1972 at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. After the end of the festive liturgy on the occasion of the Day of the Holy Trinity, a certain Laszlo Toth attacked Michelangelo's statue of Pieta. The man shouted "I am Jesus Christ, Christ has risen from the dead!" and 15 times hit the Virgin Mary with a rock hammer (He was a geologist). As a result of the attack, the Virgin Mary lost the tip of her nose, partly her left eyelid and her left arm, among other minor injuries. Fortunately, at that moment the basilica was full of people and the man was dragged away from the statue. At the trial, Laszlo Thoth tried to convince the judges that he was Christ, therefore he was called insane.

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"Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581", Ilya Repin

In 1813, another abnormal named Abram Balashov slashed the tsar's face with a knife in the Tretyakov Gallery. “Enough blood! Down with the blood! " The man shouted. Fortunately, the creator of the painting, Ilya Repin, was still alive and well at that time, so the artist was urgently summoned from his Finnish dacha, where he was then resting. The author had to completely rewrite the face of Ivan the Terrible, so that the picture as a whole retained its value.

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Behold the Man, Elias García Martinez

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This truth was once again proved by a compassionate granny named Cecilia Jimenez, and with her the rector of the temple in the Spanish city of Borja, who for some completely unknown reason allowed the old woman to take a brush in her “godly” hands and touch the fresco “Behold the Man”. After two years of "restoration" the work was seen by experts - and gasped in horror, recognizing the work of the grandmother as an act of vandalism. The mural was immediately called "Fluffy Jesus", and it was scattered into Internet memes. Today it is called: "A collaboration between the 19th century artist Elias García Martinez and the 21st century pensioner Cecilia Jimenez."


Venus with a Mirror by Diego Velazquez

The famous Venus, on display in the London National Gallery, was hacked with a meat ax. In 1914, it was done by suffragist Mary Richasardson, who later stated that she had ruined the picture in protest against the arrest of the leader of the suffragist movement Emmeline Pankhurst, which had occurred the day before. “I tried to destroy the picture of the most beautiful woman in mythological history, protesting against how the state is trying to destroy Mrs. Pankhurst, the woman with the most valiant character in modern history,” Richardson said. Later, she also admitted that she did not like the way "men stare at naked Venus."


Richardson was generally considered one of the most warlike women among the members of the "British Union of Fascists", she was engaged in arson, broke windows in the Home Office and blew up railway stations. Mary was arrested nine times and served in prisons for a total of about three years.


Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The most famous - she is the most guarded - of the paintings was also attacked by vandals. And more than once. Today "Mona Lisa" is reliably protected by bulletproof glass, but at one time they tried to spoil it several times, including pouring it with acid. In 1956, one of the tourists threw a stone at her, which caused the paint to scrape a little near the left elbow of the Mona Lisa. Fortunately, this was quickly and discreetly painted over. In 1974, a woman sprayed red paint at the Tokyo National Museum (where the painting toured). Thus, she protested against the fact that the authorities and security are restricting access to exhibitions for people with disabilities.And in 1977, a tourist from the Soviet Union for some reason launched a mug at the Mona Lisa, bought in a souvenir shop right there, near the Louvre.


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