5 most beautiful natural phenomena

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5 most beautiful natural phenomena
5 most beautiful natural phenomena

The most beautiful natural phenomena are the aurora borealis, fire tornado, bumpy clouds, red tides, and creeping stones.

northern Lights

Polar Lights

It is difficult to name anything more beautiful than the aurora borealis. This phenomenon occurs as a result of the bombardment of the upper atmosphere by charged particles moving towards the Earth along the lines of force of the geomagnetic field from the region of near-Earth space.

Auroras are observed, as a rule, at high latitudes of both hemispheres in oval zones-belts surrounding the magnetic poles of our planet, the so-called auroral ovals.

Of course, auroras are observed not only on Earth, but also on other planets. Auroral spectra depend on the composition of the planet's atmosphere. For the Earth, for example, the brightest are the emission lines of excited oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the visible range, but for Jupiter - the emission lines of hydrogen in the ultraviolet.

Auroras can be created artificially and then studied. This was done, for example, by specialists from the Soviet-French scientific experiment conducted in 1975.

Bumpy clouds

They are also called pimples. Despite the soundless name, the natural phenomenon is incredibly beautiful. To those who have seen it, however, it seems ominous. And for good reason, because bumpy clouds are a harbinger of disaster: an impending storm or other extreme weather. This rare natural phenomenon can be seen mainly in tropical latitudes.

Umester clouds can stretch for hundreds of kilometers in all directions and constantly change in shape, while individual cloud groups can remain static for 10-15 minutes.


Red tides

But this phenomenon is beautiful only at first glance. The red tide is nothing more than a banal bloom of water, only a very large-scale one. It is caused by the rapid reproduction of microscopic algae that have a reddish or brown color - dinoflagellates. A large number of these algae leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the water, which also contains ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. As a result, all this beauty becomes the cause of the death of marine animals, fish and mollusks. Eating such shellfish and fish can lead to human death.


Creeping stones

Everyone has heard about this mysterious geological phenomenon. This phenomenon was discovered on the dried up Lake Racetrack Playa, located in Death Valley in the United States.

The stones found here are "amused" by the fact that from time to time they slowly move along the clay bottom of the lake. Evidence of this is the long tracks that remain behind them. It has been established that stones move independently, without the help of any living creatures. Similar movements of stones are observed in some other regions of the Earth, but in terms of the number and length of tracks, Racetrack Playa is, of course, a record holder.

Most of the crawling rocks come from a 260 m high dolomite hill on the southern border of Racetrack Playa. The weight of the traveling stones reaches several hundred kg, and the footprints following them are several tens of meters long, 8 to 30 cm wide and less than 2.5 cm deep. once every 2-3 years, but most of the traces remain for 3-4 years. Needless to say, how many scientists broke their brains over the cause of such a mysterious and even ominous phenomenon.

But this year, PLOS published a paper describing how stones move. In order to do this, scientists sent “sent Cossacks” to Racetrack Playa - several of their stones weighing 5-15 kg, equipping them with navigation sensors in front of this and surrounding them with cameras.The conclusion of scientists, as usual, turned out to be far from mysticism - the stones set in motion large (tens of meters), but thin (3-6 mm) areas of ice formed after freezing in the previous frosty nights. This floating ice, carried away by the wind and ice currents, made the stones travel at a speed of 2-5 m / min.


Devil fire

Or simply a fiery tornado - a fire that acquires a vertical vorticity. This completely ominous phenomenon is a rather rare phenomenon that can form as a result of an uncontrolled forest fire. The formation of a fiery tornado occurs as follows. The scattered fires that have arisen are combined into one, the air above it heats up, its density decreases, and it rises. From below, cold air masses from the periphery enter its place. The incoming air is also heated. Oxygen suction acts like bellows - stable centripetal directional flows are formed, screwing in a spiral from the ground to a height of up to 5 km (!). There is a chimney effect. Moreover, the pressure of hot air reaches hurricane speeds, and the temperature rises to 1000? С. This hellish flame, like a black hole, sucks in everything that is nearby until it leaves an absolutely lifeless desert around it. It is truly beautiful, but so formidable that it is better to observe this phenomenon at a distance of several kilometers.


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