Top mistakes of humanity

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Top mistakes of humanity
Top mistakes of humanity

The biggest mistakes of humanity are the statues of Easter Island, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Alaska, the Sarajevo murder.


Easter Island statues

It is the builders of moai statues that are usually blamed for the disappearance of trees from the once paradise of our planet - Easter Island. Research on the island has confirmed that once upon a time there was abundant vegetation and dense forests. Today the island is bald and resembles virgin soil.

Deforestation began immediately after the settlement of the island. The population grew and the timber was used to build houses, canoes, fuel, and to carry huge moai statues. As a result, by about 1600 there were almost no trees left here. The cessation of the construction of statues belongs to the same period.

Needless to say, the destruction of forests has greatly affected the life of the islanders and the microclimate of the island itself. From now on, people had to settle in caves or build flimsy reed houses. Fishing was also a sad fate - with the disappearance of trees, there was nothing to build a canoe from. The “baldness” of the island also led to severe soil erosion, therefore, the harvests have significantly decreased. The number of the population began to melt, and then - and to degrade: the enmity between the tribes began, slavery and cannibalism appeared.

Meanwhile, not all scientists believe that only thoughtless deforestation led to the disaster: the scientist Terry Hunt, for example, believes that the trees from the island disappeared thanks to the Polynesian rats (introduced by the first settlers), who ate the seeds of the plants.


Leaning tower of pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was designed by the architect Bonanno Pisano. Construction began in 1173 and continued until 1360, albeit with a long break. At one time it was believed that the slope of the tower was the original idea of ​​its architects, but today, of course, this assumption seems unlikely. The engineering decision was wrong from the beginning: the foundation of the tower is too small and not designed for the soft soil of the city of Pisa.

The tower began to tilt right away - still under construction - and continued to tilt until 2008. The tower itself is inclined, but the bell tower, crowning its top, stands more evenly.



The Titanic would hardly have become a legend if there were enough boats on board for all passengers to escape. According to the project, the Titanic was supposed to accommodate 48 boats, however, at the insistence of the owners of the liner, who were sure of its unsinkability, their number was reduced to 20. This Babylonian arrogance, as you know, and ruined the lives of almost 1,500 people who left for the bottom of the Atlantic together with a giant steamer.


Sarajevo murder

It is this, as you know, that became the reason for the declaration of the First World War. On June 28, 1914, Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand arrived in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, returning to Austria after military exercises.

On that unfortunate day, the Archduke walked on the edge of a knife. When Ferdinand's motorcade was heading towards the city hall, 19-year-old terrorist Nedelko Gabrinovich threw a grenade towards the car of the heir to the Austrian throne. But the driver noticed this and managed to quickly pick up speed, as a result, a grenade flew past and blew up the cars that followed behind. Several shrapnel hit Ferdinand's car, but none of its passengers were injured.

One of the Archduke's courtiers, Baron Morse, who took part in the solemn meeting in the town hall, invited the Austro-Hungarian governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina Oskar Potiorek to disperse people on the streets (after the celebration, Franz Ferdinand and his wife intended to visit the hospital, where they brought the wounded as a result of the first assassination attempt).To which Potiorek replied: "Do you think Sarajevo is teeming with murderers?"

But the same Potiorek forgot to inform the Archduke's chauffeur about the change in the route along which Franz Ferdinand's car was supposed to go to the hospital, and he turned into the wrong street. When Potiorek noticed an error and the driver began to turn the car around, the 20-year-old terrorist Gavrilo Princip suddenly jumped up to the car and shot at the Archduke's wife, and then at himself. A month later, Austria-Hungary, accusing Serbia of involvement in the assassination attempt, declared war on this country - this was the beginning of the First World War.



7, 2 million dollars in gold - this is how much Alaska cost the United States of America in 1867 - pocket money for some shareholder of OAO Gazprom these days. Around the same time, gold was discovered in Alaska, of which about 1000 tons were mined here during the years of the gold rush. At prices for April 2005, the price of this gold was $ 13-14 billion.


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