The most forbidden places on the planet

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The most forbidden places on the planet
The most forbidden places on the planet

We present the most forbidden places, including Metro-2, Zone-51 and many other places on the planet.

World Seed Vault

Metro-2 (Russia)

Few objects in the CIS can boast of the same number of myths hovering around them. What do we have in fact? Underground communications were built under Stalin and at the same time received the code name D6. The system is adjacent to the Moscow metro, but hidden from prying eyes. Its existence was disputed, however, both the reports of the US Department of Defense and the buying information from Russian officials speak in favor of Metro-2.

The object lies at a great depth - up to 210 m. It was built by a closed method, so that all this was kept secret. Communications connect the Kremlin, the Yellow House of Academician Zholtovsky, the Underground City under Ramenki, the Academy of the General Staff and the Vnukovo-2 airport. Obviously there are other objects as well. The system has a one-track movement, while there is no contact rail in Metro-2. Electric locomotives of type L and cars "Ezh-6" act as rolling stock. The stations themselves are similar to the technical platforms of the subway.


They say that in the conditions of the devastation of the 90s, it was possible to get there, which some diggers did. Now it will be very difficult to do it. And Metro-2 is also considered as a haven for the top officials of the state in a nuclear apocalypse. If, of course, this happens.

Doomsday Vault (Norway)

If a nuclear war or other global cataclysm destroys civilization, then the Doomsday Vault, or the World Seed Vault, will help to save the survivors. This tunnel is located on the island of Svalbard; the seeds of major crops are placed there for safe storage. The location was not chosen by chance: tectonic activity is not high here, and permafrost will ensure the survival of seeds even if refrigeration equipment fails (at least for a while).

All samples are stored in sealed envelopes, packed in special plastic bags, which, in turn, are placed in containers. There is enough space inside to accommodate 4.5 million seeds. Noah's Ark has blast doors and special airlocks. Norway paid for the project $ 9 million from its wallet, although each of the countries of the world is represented separately in the vault. Needless to say, not everyone will be able to get into the seed bank. But a virtual walk through the Doomsday Vault can be made right now.


Area 51 (USA)

And here is a much more ambitious and mysterious project in all respects. Area 51 is a military base located 133 km from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the secrecy that gave rise to a large number of myths and legends around her.

The main ones, of course, are related to aliens: some believe that the remains of aliens who died during the Roswell incident are stored there. All this is nothing more than rumors, but something else is known. For example, that Area-51 serves as a testing ground for the latest American aircraft. At various times, the F-117 "invisible" aircraft, the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and other winged vehicles were tested there. The mysterious "Aurora" is also associated with the object: supposedly, this aircraft can reach hypersonic speeds.


Air traffic over the Zone is prohibited, and you will not be able to get close to the base either. But is this really a problem in our high-tech age? In any case, satellite images give an idea of ​​the base structure. There is nothing unusual there: only hangars and other infrastructure typical for such facilities. Of course, fans of everything unusual are not stopped by this fact, and they point to a possible underground infrastructure.

In 2013, the CIA declassified a 355-page archive, making it public.As expected, there are no "little green men" there. But there is a lot of data on the tests of various aircraft. However, despite all this, Area-51 will remain a source of inspiration for many science fiction writers for many years to come.

Lascaux Cave (France)

Among the most forbidden places are cultural heritage sites. The first place here is occupied by the Lascaux cave, discovered in France in 1940. We are talking about the southwestern region of the country of Périgord. Many picturesque and engraved drawings dating back to the 18th-15th millennia BC were found in the cave.

They were probably made by representatives of the Solutrean culture. There are several corridors in the cave, while the total length of all galleries is 250 m. In the images you can see bulls, rams, horses, deer and other animals. In many cases, familiar silhouettes are easily recognizable.


But why is the cave closed to outsiders? The trouble is that already in the 50s there were up to 1000 people a day, and this entailed the production of carbon dioxide and wet fumes. A "green disease" began at the cave: drawings began to cover microscopic algae. To save the priceless images, the French government restricted access to the site. Then, in 1987, an exact copy of the cave (or rather, part of it) was discovered, which was named Lasko II. It is located only 200 m from the "original", and only a good specialist can distinguish new drawings from prehistoric ones.

Mormon Warehouse (USA)

Religious organizations are not used to revealing their secrets. This is confirmed by the Granite Mountain vault, located near the American Salt Lake City. It contains countless documents belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Note that this is the largest branch of Mormonism.

The archive was created in 1965, it is located at a depth of 180 m. Armed people and doors weighing 14 tons are guarding the storage facility, capable of withstanding the explosion of a nuclear warhead. On 2.4 million rolls of microfilms and 1 million microfiches, genealogical information and a number of other data on the religious movement can be found. The facility includes storage facilities, administrative premises, and laboratories. It is impossible to tell about all this with certainty: the way for ordinary people there is forbidden. According to rumors, the most valuable exhibits have heat and motion sensors. There is also a dedicated climate control. At the same time, another storage facility is located 3 km from Granite Mountain.


Scientology Repository (USA)

Even less is known about this object than about the previous one. In the New Mexico desert, the Church of Scientology has built a structure that houses documents of particular relevance to the movement. The underground storage is guarded by two giant doors, each weighing 2.5 tons. The structure is believed to withstand a hydrogen bomb explosion (hopefully no one ever checks this).

Not so long ago, photos of the object were taken. On them, in particular, two intersecting circles are visible - one of the symbols of the Church of Scientology. Nearby there is a building in which, as can be judged, no one lives. Probably, it is she who is the entrance. One of the followers of the doctrine said that the storage was built in 1980 and it cost millions of dollars. Underground, titanium boxes contain gold discs with the words of the founder of the teachings, Ron Hubbard, carved into them. It is believed that only representatives of the top of the Church can get into the storehouse. All these data have not been officially confirmed, however, it will not be possible to enter there and find out everything yourself.


It is interesting that the object is also called "a temple for aliens", which indirectly speaks of a certain connection with representatives of other worlds (in any case, Scientologists themselves believe in this connection). On the other hand, the object and strange symbolism can only be a tribute to Ron Hubbard.

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