Results of the year: 10 most popular materials

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Results of the year: 10 most popular materials
Results of the year: 10 most popular materials

Naked Science has compiled ten articles of 2016 that aroused the greatest interest among readers. The sorting was carried out by the number of views.

Secrets of physics

10. Six Biggest Physics Mysteries Still Unsolved

Today, no scientist would dare to claim that our physical knowledge of the universe is nearing completion. On the contrary, with each new discovery, it seems that there are only more unresolved issues. At the beginning of this year, we have prepared for you a selection of the biggest unsolved mysteries of physics and, apparently, you will like it.


9. What happens to the body after death

You may have noticed that in 2016 we actively translated and voiced educational videos, sci-fi short films and TED-Ed episodes for you.

One of the “lessons worth sharing” was especially appreciated by our readers. This is a TED-Ed issue about what happens to a person's body when he dies, what methods of burial exist and whether burial places can actually run out. Haven't seen it yet? Then now is the time.

8. Russian "Terminator-3" will receive a "hellish thresher"

We still have not really figured out why this news, which was released a little over a month ago, attracted the attention of 60 thousand readers of our portal … the point is either in the word "terminator" in the title, or in the "hellish thresher" - not the point is important.

And the speech in this article was about the fact that they want to equip the promising Russian combat vehicle for fire support "Terminator-3" (it is also called a tank support combat vehicle) with two 57-mm cannons. This twin was nicknamed the "hellish thresher".


7. Americans on the Moon: Should You Doubt Further?

Much has been written and said about the lunar conspiracy. But everyone argues in favor of their position. Not so long ago, without taking either side, we decided to look at this situation with a neutral look and figure out if there were still reasons for doubts.


6. It's all physics! Do you know her well? Test from Naked Science

How well do you remember school physics? We decided to examine you properly, and at the same time show how this subject is related to life and events in the scientific world. Well, to make it interesting for you, they added something that does not seem to be taught at school. If you have not yet had time to pass this test, then it's time to arm yourself with a physics textbook and intuition and rush into the "battle".


5. Scientists talked about where gold comes from on Earth

Scientists from the University of Tokyo in October 2016 shared the results of their research, in which they tried to establish where gold comes from on our planet. According to their findings, gold appeared on Earth due to large-scale planetary impact, which took place even before the formation of the earth's crust - the outer hard shell of our planet. The impact is estimated to have occurred approximately 4.45 billion years ago.


4. Stephen Hawking named the time when a global catastrophe will happen on Earth

Each statement of the famous British theoretical physicist causes a great public response. In early 2016, for example, Hawking talked about when a global catastrophe will occur on our planet that can destroy all of humanity.

The scientist believes that in the next thousand years (and if not, then in the next 10 thousand years for sure) the Earth will face an imminent technogenic catastrophe. Among the main dangers that threaten humanity, Hawking named nuclear war, global warming and artificial viruses.

At the same time, the theoretical physicist hastened to reassure the public and pointed out that all this will not necessarily happen tomorrow. New year to be!


3.Brain vs. Science: Facts Hard to Believe

Every meeting with something unusual, unexpected, strange causes surprise. With something that does not fit in the head in any way - even if it is a strictly proven scientific fact. 6 such facts, which we brought to your attention last month, attracted the attention of almost 70 thousand people. Are you among them?


2. An experiment was carried out in preparation for a head transplant operation

The news about a neurosurgeon from Italy Sergio Canavero did not quite reach the position of the leader in the number of views at the end of the year.

In September 2016, he posted a video showing a mouse and dog surviving a trial head transplant. Recall that Sergio Canavero is a doctor whose actions are followed with interest by the entire scientific world. He is preparing for a unique operation in which a human head will be transplanted for the first time in the world. The volunteer was the Russian programmer Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a serious hereditary disease for which there is no radical cure. It is assumed that the operation will take place in 2017 and will cost about 10 million euros.

1. Do you know well the planet you live on? Are you an alien? Test from Naked Science

We all love tests. And another proof of this is the position of this material at the end of the year. In it, we decided to check how well you know our home planet. Maybe some stray researcher, for example from Sirius, knows much more about her? If you are not one of those 78 thousand people who have already at least opened this page, but at the most have passed the test itself, then it's time to do it!


Happy New Year, dear readers!

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