10 circles of hell for iPhone 6

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10 circles of hell for iPhone 6
10 circles of hell for iPhone 6

The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus heralded a new wave of smartphone crash tests. Different users are brewing, steaming and testing the endurance of the new Apple smartphones in every possible way, in order to later post these "bullying" on the network. Here are 10 of the wildest experiments starring the latest iPhones.

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Almost 4 months have passed since the official presentation of the new generation of Apple smartphones. During this time, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus managed to gain notoriety as a flimsy device that bends at a wave of the hand. But do the minuses of the new products end there, or do they have other weaknesses as well? Or maybe all this pales against the background of some extraordinary superpowers of these smartphones?

The creator of the TechRax channel on the video hosting Youtube with enviable frequency conducts reckless experiments on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to test their strength. We decided to present you the most interesting ones.

Buried alive

The protagonist of the latest TechRax video is the iPhone 6 Plus. The author of the video wanted to find out if the "apple" phablet would work after a night spent in a snowdrift. As it turned out, the smartphone does not care about severe frosts. After spending 24 hours under the snow, the iPhone 6 Plus, surprisingly, barely suffered.


A little more about the dangers of Coca-Cola

Everyone knows that Coca-Cola is harmful to the human body. But what effect does it have on the all-new iPhone 6?

The video in which the iPhone 6 is bathed in boiling cola literally blew up the Internet, providing the author of the video with just over 5 million views in 20 days. TechRax strongly discourages doing this experiment at home. And the point here is not only that in this way you endanger the life of your smartphone, but also that during the test your house will be filled with an unpleasant odor, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of.

As a result of the "heat treatment" shown in the video below, the iPhone 6 was covered with a strong black coating and failed. In addition, his protective glass peeled off.


Turkey filling

What can you stuff a Thanksgiving turkey with? The author of the Youtube channel TechRax decided to use the iPhone 6 for this purpose.

He placed the gadget in a poultry carcass and sent it to bake in the oven for 4 hours at a temperature of 160 ° C. After the lapse of time, the creator of the video removed the turkey from the oven, and then the iPhone 6 from the depths of the bird. The smartphone was pretty much covered with grease and spices, but this did not stop it from turning on and showing the owner of the device about overheating.

The enthusiast didn’t wait for the iPhone to cool naturally and placed it under a stream of cold water. And this was the last straw: the smartphone could not stand the execution, colored streaks appeared on the screen, and then the device completely stopped working.


There is no trick against a drill?

Another TechRax video demonstrates the process of drilling an iPhone 6 with a drill. It would be more accurate to say the lack of drilling, because due to the inexperience of handling this tool, the author of the video did not manage to drill through the gadget. However, before the drill broke, the display of the device received a small gaping hole in the very center.

This significantly spoiled the appearance of the iPhone 6, but despite this, the device continued to function and even reacted every other time to swipes and pressing the Home button.


Go through the iron

There are several ways to set new wallpapers on iPhone 6 that all users probably know about. However, TechRax suggests adding one more item to this range of capabilities.

To give your smartphone a bright, unusual and unique look - go over it with an iron. As shown in the video, the more times you touch a hot iron with your device, the more unusual the screen saver will become.If yellow and then black stains on the display are not enough for you and it still seems that your phone is not unique, then hit it several times with a hammer, as the author of the video did.


They are afraid of both dirt and tanks

The marathon of crash tests of the new Apple smartphone is in full swing. This time, the iPhone 6 Plus, as conceived by TechRax, was to meet with a tank. The video shows how a metal track of a tank, covered with mud, alternately passes through the last two "apple" gadgets, laid on the hood of the car.

As a result of this test, only one smartphone managed to partially survive: a voice assistant worked on the device, and the screen showed some signs of life. In addition, specialists from the service center managed to remove the device's drive, on which there was a video recording made by the iPhone 6 Plus itself during a collision.


Ritual bonfire

If a tank has already gone through the iPhone, then it's time to fry it and see what happens to it.

The author of the TechRax channel decided to do so: with the help of a Molotov cocktail, he set fire to the iPhone 6 Plus and watched what happened. Much to his surprise, the smartphone passed this test, although it got a couple of "scars" and glitches as a result of the test.


And yet it bends

Inadequate crash tests also have a right to exist. To test the myth that the new iPhones bend in the laboratory, the TechRax blogger first clamped the iPhone 6 Plus in a vice, and then nailed it a couple of times with a hammer. As a result, the smartphone really bent and even caught fire a little. Which again suggests that it is not recommended to repeat such experiments at home.


Cars on the shoulder

Driving across the iPhone 6 Plus in a tank will give you one broken phone and a small dose of euphoria. But having driven on the iPhone 6 Plus in a BMW passenger car, you will get the same working smartphone and a remarkable portion of surprise.

In this TechRax video, the strength of the display and the aluminum body of the device was tested using the weight of a car. The iPhone successfully withstood the pressure put on it and continued to function normally.


Nine seconds of hope

The traditional experiment with immersing a smartphone in boiling water closes the rating of mockery of the iPhone 6.

As TechRax found out, the last "apple" smartphone crashes after 9 seconds of cooking. Interestingly, during such an experiment, the iPhone 5S lasted 17 seconds, the iPhone 5C - 29-31 seconds, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 even took out a few minutes of boiling.

The author of the video welded the smartphone twice, and after the second time, as expected, he threw away the ends.


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