Fiction and Science in Science Fiction. Test from Naked Science

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Fiction and Science in Science Fiction. Test from Naked Science
Fiction and Science in Science Fiction. Test from Naked Science

Not everything in fiction is fiction. Some things are scientifically grounded, and if not entirely related to reality, then they originate from real phenomena and theories.


If you love science and fiction, you may have repeatedly caught yourself thinking that some kind of absurdity is happening on the screen or in a book and “everything should be like this, not that way”.

However, it is worth remembering that science fiction writers often anticipate inventions and discoveries. For example, such famous writers as Isaac Asimov and Stanislav Lem were themselves closely associated with science and knew perfectly well what their work was based on.

Today, when the fantasy genre can be found in all possible formats - books, comics, movies, video games, and so on - few people think about what exactly happens in the plot, and simply perceive it as entertainment.

However, we have prepared a small test for you. Can you tell the difference between fiction and scientific fact? Share your results in the comments!

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