Why are 5G towers being harnessed in Europe and why are such theories immortal?

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Why are 5G towers being harnessed in Europe and why are such theories immortal?
Why are 5G towers being harnessed in Europe and why are such theories immortal?

Panic fear of communication towers did not begin in 2020, in connection with the coronavirus, but 100 years ago, because of the Spanish flu epidemic Half a century ago, "radiation affecting the brains" caused mass hysteria at the American embassy in Moscow. They believed that these beams were controlled by the KGB. Trying to catch up with the imaginary novelties of Soviet technology, the United States launched the "Pandora Project" - to control the brains of primates using radiation. How do such conspiracy theories come to people's minds, despite the existence of school education? Why does the fear of new sources of radio waves not go away for a century? Let's try to figure it out.

Demonstrations against 5G

Is the negative impact of 5G towers on people real?

In 1953, the American Embassy in Moscow detected weak microwave radiation (part of the radio frequency range) directed through the embassy building. Nobody knew what it was, but just in case they tried to shield the walls of the building. As a result, the radiation naturally increased, and over time, this mysterious phenomenon made the diplomats very nervous.

The question of whether the KGB could influence the psyche of Americans with the help of such radiation was seriously discussed. In fact, of course, in the USSR they were infinitely far from such ideas: radiation simply fed wireless "bugs" that had already been created in the Soviet Union, but had not yet been invented in the West.

To test the hypothesis about "brain control by the KGB rays" from the United States were invited quite real scientists who came to the conclusion that the idea should be tested experimentally. The Pandora Project was launched, where monkeys were irradiated in a similar way, trying to get them to perform the actions desired by the experimenters. Predictably, attempts to control the brain of primates using radio waves have yielded nothing.

In parallel, a group of scientists compared the health of embassy workers and their colleagues in other countries. Fears about the harmful effects of "Soviet radiation" even made some people demand protection for the gonads of the male embassy personnel (however, as far as we know, in reality, things did not reach the foil codpiece). All studies of this kind eventually led to a simple conclusion: no harmful effects from radiation were found.


Why? To understand this, let us turn to the physical basis of the question. Any communication towers emit electromagnetic waves. By themselves, electromagnetic waves can harm living organisms, moreover, it happens on a massive scale and every day. For example, ultraviolet light can kill most bacteria by damaging their DNA. Even people can get an increased risk of skin cancer from it (however, it leads to death much less often than other types of cancer).

However, in practice, ultraviolet light is almost safe for humans. First, only 10% of the sun's radiation comes from it. Secondly, about 70% of it is absorbed by the atmosphere. As a result, the solar radiation on the planet's surface, although it can reach about one kilowatt per square meter, but only three dozen watts of this kilowatt falls on ultraviolet light. A square meter is half the surface of human skin, that is, none of us will receive more than 30 watts of UV radiation.

What about other types of electromagnetic waves? There is a simple rule here: the length of any such wave is inversely proportional to its energy. UV radiation can still damage DNA in skin cells, but only because the energy of its photons is higher than three electrical volts. To break a chemical bond, a photon needs energy just in the region of 4 electron volts.


Visible light has a wavelength of more than 400 nanometers, and its photon energy is no higher than about three electron volts. This is too little to damage DNA - and we can easily see for ourselves. A person on the beach receives no more than 30 watts of UV radiation, and up to half a kilowatt of visible - but, despite this, his health does not deteriorate.

IR radiation is also safe for us: its photons have an energy of less than 1.7 electron volts. In solar radiation, it is up to 480 watts per square meter - however, people basking under its rays do not get sick more often than usual. For terahertz radiation and radio waves, these figures are even lower - because their waves are even longer than that of infrared, and are even worse absorbed by the tissues of the body.

This does not mean that electromagnetic radiation cannot harm a person in theory. Maybe - and even easily. In 1966, this is exactly what happened to cosmonaut Leonov: although the calculation department of the designers of his spacesuit clearly wrote that the light filter of the spacesuit for outer space should be outside the helmet, the designing department for some reason made it from the inside. As it turned out later, no one read the note of the billing department in the design department. In the Earth's orbit, solar radiation reaches 1.4 kilowatts per square meter, so Leonov very quickly began to overheat: cooling in space works poorly.

A living creature can have similar problems if it is put into a microwave oven, which also uses short-wave radio waves. Although it is retained by living tissues weaker than infrared radiation, or even more visible, the surface irradiated by the microwave is small. Due to this, the radiation density there can reach kilowatts per square meter. Then even the absorbed part of radio waves will be able to heat a living creature to the temperature at which it will die.

Conclusion: if radio waves - and indeed any waves - begin to reach power in kilowatts per square meter or more, we may have problems. But in ordinary life, finding such a source is difficult. Not everyone can find a heavy-duty, but compact military radar to stand close to it for a long time. If the source of radio waves gives less than a kilowatt per square meter, then it is weaker than normal sunlight and will harm you no more than a sunny beach.

5G - where it is, of course (in Russia it is not outside of demonstration installations) - uses millimeter-wave waves. They are quite strongly absorbed by the atmosphere. All the more well they are absorbed by solids - including car upholstery, walls of houses and much more. That is, the danger of their penetration into residential premises is lower than that of conventional radio waves. Due to its high absorption, 5G emitters should be placed within a few hundred meters.

The power of typical commercial tower emitters (in fact, they are often not mounted on towers) is within tens of watts, even less than that of 4G emitters. This is due to the fact that 4G towers serve more users: after all, their waves are absorbed by the air weaker and the coverage there is measured in kilometers, and not hundreds of meters. Therefore, even if you stand right next to a 5G emitter, you will get no more than a dozen watts per square meter. This is a hundred times less than the electromagnetic radiation "threatening" a person on a sunny afternoon.

About the same amount of electromagnetic radiation can be obtained from a powerful table lamp or by hugging another person (our species gives off heat about 100 watts from each individual, and most of it leaves with infrared radiation). Almost any heating battery within one meter from you gives up to hundreds of watts of infrared radiation per square meter.Thus, it is an order of magnitude more dangerous than any 5G tower, to which you stand close.

However, in real life, 5G towers are no closer than many meters from you, and a working heating battery (in winter, at home) is no further than a few meters. The intensity of electromagnetic radiation decreases in proportion to the square of the distance to it. If the heating battery and the 5G emitter had the same power, then the first would be 10-100 times more dangerous. Due to the fact that its power in reality is at least ten times higher than that of a 5G emitter, a real heating battery irradiates a thousand or more times more than an average 5G emitter.

The above does not mean that you need to give up radiators, lamps or close contact with people. It is not only batteries, towers or people who radiate - everything radiates in general. Electromagnetic radiation comes from any body heated above absolute zero. And since nothing can be cooled to absolute zero, then …

The hood of your car sends out kilowatts of infrared radiation in all directions when the engine is running. So is the gas stove. A typical incandescent light bulb emits more radiation than one 5G tower in a mall. A standard fire is much stronger.

Why do people worry about 5G radiation?

A natural question arises: why have people in Europe already burned 140 5G towers, but did not try to burn any of their own heating batteries? In the end, they can be fined for the tower, but hardly for damage to their own property. It turns out that burning batteries is not only more effective (after all, it irradiates us much more), but also safer!


And besides, it is not only batteries that irradiate us. Our roommates are sure to irradiate any of us with radically more electromagnetic radiation than a 5G transmitter will ever be able to. We have already said about such powerful emitters as cars, light bulbs and fires with gas stoves. Why does the opponents of 5G not demand a ban on the use of equipment of all types, as well as fire? Why aren't they campaigning for a raw food diet?

Human beings are biologically adapted to track and confront hazards. We unconsciously sleep more restlessly in new places, women unconsciously sleep more peacefully when a man is lying nearby (the opposite, of course, does not work).

But in the modern way of life, our willingness to fight has nowhere to be spent. Few of us got up in the middle of the night to fend off a conventional lion with a spear. Civilization does not give our alertness or aggression a normal outlet: killing is prohibited in most communities. This means that we suffer from a lack of worthwhile concerns. And as a result, we begin to be afraid of the "unworthy" - any new and incomprehensible phenomenon.

That is why people are frightened only by new sources of electromagnetic radiation. All opponents of 5G understand that TV emits more than any new type of tower. But they have lived with TV in the room for many years - and are still alive. This means that the radiation is weak or "vsevrete" and in general "it is different." The same goes for radiators and other people.

But 5G is new, unknown and therefore deserves vigilance. Therefore, in reality, attempts to associate diseases with him began many months before the start of the coronavirus epidemic:

Only then did they try to attract cancer and depression to him - bypassing the question of why much stronger radiation from Wi-Fi or a gas stove does not cause either one or the other.

The new coronavirus epidemic has become just a gift of fate for such alert people. Indeed: there was no 5G before - and there was no coronavirus. Now the first appeared, and almost immediately the second. Then the typical logic of the conspiracy theory turned on: “Coincidence? I do not think…"

From the above, it follows that 5G towers will be accused of all sins for a long time to come. Most likely - until the appearance of 6G towers.

And what about the unfortunate male rats? Didn't radio waves cause heart cancer in them?

At this point, many proponents of such theories may be genuinely outraged. After all, there is scientific work that shows that exposure to radiation from mobile phones can cause heart and brain cancer in male rats! Why don't radio waves (and also 5G) cause cancer in humans too?


Indeed, in 2018, a US Department of Health study exposed the male animals of these animals to a close and full-powered mobile phone. Moreover, nine hours a day - and in fact, heart and brain cancer was encountered in the irradiated patients a little more often than in their congeners from the control group.

It should be clearly understood: cancer is a complex machine of self-destruction of the body, the functioning of which is regulated by a mass of subtle interrelationships. Therefore, if in some experience in some group of experimental animals it becomes more frequent, you should not immediately draw global conclusions. First, take a look at the whole situation.

Radiation of the GSM standard from ordinary mobile communications (rats were subjected to it) can penetrate into us to a depth of several centimeters. Now take a look at the nearest male rat. For him, a few centimeters is his entire body, that is, radio waves from ordinary cellular communications "shoot" the rodent's body through and through. Our heart (and indeed the brain) is protected by a much thicker layer of living tissue. That is, the impact on our internal organs from a mobile phone is clearly weaker.

Another interesting nuance, which opponents of "radiation from towers" somehow shyly keep silent about. Indeed, male rats were more likely to have heart and brain cancer than their peers in the untreated control group. But at the same time, the irradiated males lived longer, since they were less likely to suffer from other diseases.

But do not rush to cuddle a mobile phone to start living longer than under-irradiated human individuals. This, as the authors of the corresponding study honestly show, will not help.

Indeed, in the aforementioned study, the total energy of radio waves passing through the rats was from 1.5 to 6.0 watts per kilogram of body weight. For the average man of our kind to receive the same dose, the power of his cell phone must be between 120 and 480 watts. The real peak power of radio waves from cell phones does not exceed a few watts, more than ten times less.

Finally, it is not at all a fact that even a hundred times amplified radiation from a mobile phone will give even the slightest effect on people. In all studies on female rats, the effect was zero: neither an increase in the frequency of tumors, nor an increase in life expectancy. There was no effect on mice, neither in males nor in females. Obviously, we are more different from rats than they are from mice. So there is no point in either being irradiated with a mobile phone or being afraid of radiation.


With 5G, this is even more true. This study was done for conventional mobile phones, with wavelengths many times longer than the 5G standard. The shorter wavelength of the 5G standard means that it is much better absorbed by the environment. If the radio waves of ordinary cellular communication penetrate us a few centimeters, then the millimeter waves of the 5G standard are no deeper than a few millimeters (even less for dense tissues).

That is, in practice, you will not be able to irradiate your heart and brain with 5G - this is the same as calling a phone hidden in a metal safe.

How 5G towers can actually damage the human brain

Objectively, 5G radiation cannot get to the contents of our internal organs - whether the brain or the lungs. Despite this, belief in a distant wave effect can reliably damage the human brain forever - and quite seriously.

It turned out in 2018, when the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed in detail the symptoms of 21 employees of the American embassy in Cuba. The workers believed that the Cuban secret services had exposed them to some kind of radiation, which caused the unfortunate Americans to hear strange sounds, and then experienced a decrease in mental capacity, disruption of the vestibular apparatus, insomnia and headaches.


The general conclusion of the doctors sounded strange: the violations of the embassy workers look like a concussion after a strong blow to the head with a blunt object. But there was a nuance: in a person, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the symptoms of concussion disappear over time.Physiologically, the contusion affects the brain, breaking part of the axons (interneuronal connections) or killing part of the neurons. After the concussion, the brain either repairs the damaged areas (and then the symptoms of the concussion go away), or the consequences of the damage are visible on the tomographs.

However, these dozens of people, confident that they were irradiated, did not have any traces of brain damage on the images, nor any mitigation of the symptoms of "contusion".

When a person shows symptoms for months that cannot last for months in a row, and at the same time objective control does not find any physical damage to him, this is called a psychosomatic illness. It can be very difficult to cure it: if a person sincerely believes that he has problems from radiation, it is extremely difficult to convince him or her.


We can say with a high degree of certainty that the belief in harm from 5G towers is no different from the situation with American diplomats. Vyskomania is exactly the same mental epidemic generated by unhealthy rumors. Only its scale is larger: it covered not tens, but tens of thousands of people around the world. It does not matter at all that radiation does not harm the brain of an individual who believes in its harm. The important thing is that if an individual believes in this harm, then his brain will be damaged - simply due to this belief alone.

Could the conspiracy itself be behind the conspiracy theory?

So, we have established: there is no rational reason to be afraid of 5G emitters. Already due to the small length of the millimeter waves they use, they penetrate our body much weaker. This means that there are some other reasons behind the contrived conspiracy theory. What could it be? In theory, the conspiracy is quite real.

As is commonly believed in the Western world - based on the words of defectors from the KGB - in the early 1980s, this organization successfully launched an HIV disinformation project in the outside world. Through a series of publications in foreign media, it was announced that the immunodeficiency virus was created by the US security forces. We note right away: although, according to a KGB officer who fled to the States, this campaign was launched by the USSR, we have no way of either confirming or refuting his words. This organization is too closed.

Of course, in practice, the US intelligence services, like any others, could not create HIV. It was beyond the capabilities of science at the time. But the injection of disinformation "the virus created the CIA" was successful. After all, the mass audience, neither then nor today, lacks knowledge about what scientists can actually do with the genes of viruses.

The press plays an important role in this, consistently telling fables about the incredible success of genetically modified crops (which, in truth, are, on average, less successful than breeding ones). All the same mass media extol the "limitless" possibilities of the CRISPR-CAS9 genome editing technology, completely ignoring the fact that practically meaningful results are so far given by this technology with great difficulty and extremely rarely.

Because of all this, the ability of researchers to modify genes is exaggerated in about the same way as the capabilities of the Kabbalist ben Bezalel were exaggerated in the past centuries in relation to the creation of golems.

A crucial question arises: can it be that the most powerful information campaign "coronavirus does not exist, this is all 5G" was launched by some world force? For example, the GRU, which, according to the Western press, easily promotes its henchmen even to the presidency of the United States?

To be honest, it's hard to believe. After all, the main rampant fight against towers is noted in the EU. From a strategic point of view, it makes no sense for the Russian special services to attack Western Europe. Europe is objectively weak from a military-political point of view, and taking into account the processes taking place on its territory, it is unlikely to become stronger.


The United States is relatively strong, and it makes much more sense to arrange mass hysteria, a mental pandemic “down with 5G” - and then smoothly transfer it into the channel “down with new technologies and sorcerers-scientists”. But in the US, 5G hysteria is just very weak, and in Europe, especially in the UK, on ​​the contrary.

That is, it is illogical to attribute the 5G fad to the disinformation activities of the GRU. The British lion is rather weak and decrepit today. It is absolutely unclear how he could annoy Russia so that it arranged "active measures" for the British to instill in them the theory of a 5G conspiracy.


Finally, in the place of Russia, it would be simply risky to carry out such stuffing in Europe. The media in our country today freely write as "Voyagers left the solar system" or as "the authorities are hiding those infected with the coronavirus."

In other words, they easily spread any viral news without trying to check it. In addition, the educational system in our country is not without flaws. From this, a noticeable part of the population is ready to believe at least in chipping through vaccines, at least in the existence of two-headed Chernobyl mutants.

Having such a media and such an education means creating the most favorable conditions for the instant distribution of any, even the most ridiculous conspiracy theories. To launch an anti-scientific disinformation campaign in the Western world in such a situation? With the same success, you can smear yourself with a long-cooked mixture of gasoline and laundry soap, and then start vigorously striking with a match.

The fact that launching any conspiracy theory like a boomerang could hit Russia itself is not an assumption. In our country, the burning of the "5G tower" has already been noted. Since we practically do not have 5G, the most ordinary tower had to be burned, which is why at least one district in our country was already left without a mobile connection.

Yes, so far, however, this has happened only in the North Caucasus. But Westernization has not only affected this region. It is absolutely impossible to be sure that tomorrow the fashionable Western tendency to “burn the tower” will not be picked up in Moscow.

Conclusion: there is no need for the conventional GRU to set fire to Western fans of conspiracy theory, and it is quite dangerous.

In theory, China could do this. It is clear that the media there are quite restrained, and education is strong enough. That is, the stories about the "5G conspiracy" can cause only irony among the local population over the insufficiently educated Western barbarians. It would seem that Beijing can safely launch such campaigns in Europe.

Alas, the PRC's well-being is largely based on exports to the Western world. What is the point for the Chinese to limit their opportunities for exporting electronics?

Why will conspiracy theories always be and what to do about it?

The human brain is not the brain of an ant or any other social insect. We are not well equipped to fully and unconditionally trust signals from specialist individuals. Conspiracy theorists are people who try to go beyond simply agreeing with the claims they make to the media in the form of a black box. Due to the lack of special knowledge, they cannot understand the substantiation of these statements, which means that they are unconvincing for them.

And if they cannot clearly follow, step by step, the entire logical chain behind statements like "coronavirus / Spanish flu are dangerous, but natural phenomena" - then such people will look for explanations of what is happening more accessible to their set of knowledge. And, undoubtedly, they will be found - albeit the unfaithful ones.

It is absolutely impossible to do something thorough about this - that is, in principle, to exclude mistrust of specialists. A person will trust other people's statements only when he understands their arguments (or at least thinks he understood).


Professionals in the modern world, as a rule, have lost the art of expressing their thoughts simply and clearly, without using the jargon of their industry.School education, on the other hand, has lost the ability to give a graduate enough knowledge to fully comprehend most of the statements of such specialists.

Until both of these defects of modern society are corrected, the emergence of massive "explanatory" conspiracy theories is absolutely inevitable. The larger, newer and more incomprehensible this or that event - the stronger will be the fear of people before this large-scale and incomprehensible.

At this point, it would be worth once again to brand the small professionalism of the media and the school - but we will not.

The fact is that conspiracy theories are generated not only by the broad masses, but also by intellectuals. This means that the roots of this phenomenon are much deeper than in our media sphere or in our not always well thought out education system.

The first type of such theories should be called "the conspiracy of people" or "the conspiracy of the smart." We know him well. For example, the world behind the scenes / liquidoreptiloids / insidious authorities want to exterminate all people and for this they are introducing 5G towers, passing off their deaths as coronavirus. A distinctive feature of such a theory: there is someone very smart who controls things secretly.

The second type of conspiracy theory is the "conspiracy of things" or "the conspiracy of reckless fools." Within its framework, there is a certain "power of things" - a natural relationship that only smart people see, including the author of the theory and his followers. However, the overwhelming majority of this relationship has not yet seen, and calmly approach the catastrophe, completely ignoring the "power of things."

Typical examples of the "conspiracy of fools" is the theory of Malthus that food production will always grow more slowly than the population, which will cause people to die of hunger sooner or later. According to the Malthusians, people who do not see this terrible threat and continue to multiply are leading our species to disaster.

In our time, this theory, which clearly contradicts all scientific facts, has not gone anywhere: the biologist Paul Ehrlich still preaches such ideas, not at all embarrassed by the fact that the famine he predicted many times does not occur, and the food security of people is only growing.

Malthusianism is just one particular example. Other "conspiracies of careless fools" are known to everyone: "catastrophic global warming", which "stupid politicians" so want to fight, "the peak of energy resources" and much, much more. We have already noted more than once that all of them, from a scientific point of view, are very dubious.

So, conspiracy theories are popular not only among the populace, but also among those who are commonly called the intellectual elite. This indicates that conspiracy theology itself is a natural feature of human nature. We tend to worry about a variety of reasons, and there is nothing strange in this, this is our nature. Trying to find some kind of rational justification for our poorly conscious fears is deeply normal.

The main thing that should be avoided in this case is excessive enthusiasm for one point of view or another before acquaintance with all the facts related to the issue. Do not rush to burn the towers until you know what exactly they emit and how much they emit. Not yet compared to the amount of electromagnetic radiation you receive from your cell phone or wife.

Have not yet thought about whether to worry about 5G, when there are so many very real threats around which many do not even want to rack their brains - snorting at the word "coronavirus" or underestimating the danger of believing in the threat from 5G towers.

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