6 false attractions in the world

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6 false attractions in the world
6 false attractions in the world

False attractions - houses of Columbus, the graves of Jesus Christ, Stonehenge, two poles of cold - Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, Loch Ness, the city of Romeo and Juliet.


Six birthplaces of Columbus

Curl your toes: in Genoa, Italy, in the Spanish city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and in four other cities in both countries. The most famous homeland of Columbus is the Italian city of Genoa. It is known, however, that there is no serious evidence of this fact. Moreover, historians believe that the house in Genoa (which you will surely present as the one where the famous navigator spent his childhood) was built in the 17th-18th centuries (and, moreover, it is a reconstruction). Columbus, as you know, was born in 1451.

But the fact that the discoverer of America stayed at a house in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is known for certain. But he only stopped - once in 1492, when he waited for his ship to be repaired. The building itself, by the way, is also not original and was rebuilt in 1777.


Five tombs of Christ

Did you know that the tomb of Jesus Christ is even in Japan? It is located in the village of Singo in the north of the country. Two crosses are installed on the grave: the first - to Jesus himself, the second - to his brother Isukiri, who, as the Japanese believe, died in Jerusalem instead of him. Jesus himself, according to the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, spent his childhood not far from Tokyo and only then traveled to the Middle East, where the events described in the Bible took place. When his brother was crucified, he calmly returned to Japan and lived to be 106 years old in the village of Shingo.

Three more tombs of Christ are in Jerusalem and one in the Indian state of Kashmir.



Yes, and this most famous monument of the Neolithic era was on our list. This is due to the large-scale reconstruction of the monument, which was carried out in the last century. In 1958, Stonehenge was almost completely dismantled. Then it was reassembled using modern technology and concrete. Not to mention the fact that attempts to rebuild the monument were made even before that - since 1901, when archaeologists raised and placed the fallen stones themselves. So it would be a stretch to call Stonehenge a Druid sanctuary, an ancient astronomical complex or a cemetery.

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Two poles of cold

For the honorary title of the coldest point on Earth, two settlements are fighting at once: the Yakut village of Oymyakon and the Yakut city of Verkhoyansk. Despite the fact that in Verkhoyansk the temperature was recorded by 0, 1 ° С lower than in Oymyakon (in 1885 - -67, 8 ° С), at the entrance to the latter the inscription proudly flaunts: "Oymyakon - the pole of cold". She also helps to collect money from unlucky tourists. However, the same memorial sign was installed in Verkhoyansk (and all this, despite the fact that the coldest place on Earth is still in Antarctica, where in 1983 the lowest temperature in the entire history of meteorological observations was recorded - -89, 2 ° C). But if we talk about settlements with a permanent population, then the leaders, of course, are Oymyakon or Verkhoyansk. But which of them? On this score, even scientists still cannot agree (read about the coldest places on the planet in our material).

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Loch Ness

But about this promoted bike, probably, it makes no sense to talk. It is clear to sane people that the famous Nessie is nothing more than a promoted brand. Indeed, how popular would a rather gloomy Scottish lake with boring shores have had to count if it were not for the Loch Ness Monster? And now there are restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, boats, and millions of souvenirs that also bring good income to local businessmen.


City of Romeo and Juliet

Verona is a real city in the north-east of Italy.Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters. As Shakespeare himself wrote, this tragedy "is a brilliant example of the author's fiction." Neither the existence of Romeo and Juliet, nor their life in Verona is confirmed by anything, except for the play of the English classic. But if you come to Verona, you will certainly be shown both the "very" balcony on which the key love scene of the play took place, and the tomb of Juliet herself. The flow of tourists to these "attractions" has not dried up for several centuries.


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