The most famous conspiracy theories

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The most famous conspiracy theories
The most famous conspiracy theories

The lunar conspiracy, the flat earth society, the AIDS denial movement, the September 11, 2001 conspiracy, Holocaust denial are the most famous conspiracy theories.

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Flat Earth Society

An idea more absurd than this is probably not easy to find. And here you go. The Flat Earth Society is a real-life organization founded in England and later reborn in the United States. Its main postulate, as you might guess, is that the Earth has the shape of a flat disk surrounded by a wall of ice (Antarctica) with the North Pole in the middle. And all the photographs taken from space are fake, all the pilots (who fly longer than it would follow from the theory of a flat planet) and, of course, all scientists are involved in the conspiracy.

Society of flat-earthers is considered one of the varieties of the so-called phenomenon of denialism - an irrational denial of generally accepted facts and scientific data. This phenomenon is considered in more detail in the article "Brain Viruses" by the famous English evolutionary biologist, ethologist and popularizer of science Richard Dawkins. By the way, in response to the arguments of the Russian "cultural" community that, along with the theory of evolution, creationism should be taught in schools ("this will be fair"), some scientists suggest introducing into the school curriculum a course on flat earth ideas (so that absolutely honestly).


Lunar conspiracy

Without it, of course, nowhere. And if most people (or at least want to believe it) accept the notions of flat-earthers with a crooked grin, then many are still ready to believe in the idea that the Americans were not on the moon. It does not matter that it was on the basis of the lunar soil brought by them that a number of the most important scientific theories were formulated, including the formation of our satellite. It does not matter that the receiving devices of the "hostile" USSR received signals from the Apollo 11 and from the Moon itself, the conversations of astronauts, and so on.

In his book We've Never Been on the Moon, one of the “adherents” of this theory (he is even considered its founding father), American writer Bill Kaysing put forward the main theses confirming, in his opinion, the correctness of the lunar conspiracy: the level of technological development of NASA in the late 1960s, which, in his opinion, at that time did not allow sending a person to the moon; lack of stars in photographs; the notorious "waving" flag in a vacuum, etc.

Neither reasonable arguments, nor persuasion, nor even prohibitive prescriptions have any influence on the supporters of the lunar conspiracy.


September 11, 2001 conspiracy

Another famous conspiracy of wicked Americans who had the courage to kill their own innocent citizens and blame it on al-Qaeda. The motive is to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as strategic interests in the Middle East (construction of the oil pipeline).

An online CNN poll in 2004 found that when asked if the government was hiding information about the 9/11 attacks, 89% of callers answered yes. Later polls, however, revealed that the Arabs rather than the residents of the United States believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theory.


AIDS dissidents

This is sometimes referred to as the participants in the HIV / AIDS denial movement. They question the generally accepted evidence that human immunodeficiency virus is the infectious agent of HIV / AIDS. Some of them deny the fact of the very existence and isolation of HIV, and they consider AIDS to be the result of factors of a non-infectious nature.

HIV is considered by AIDS dissidents to be a harmless virus that is often present in the body of AIDS patients.The very same acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, according to participants in the movement, is a disease that in many cases can be cured. AIDS, they are convinced, is not caused by HIV infection, but by a complex of various diseases (including antiretroviral drugs themselves can cause it).

The President of South Africa in 1999-2008 Thabo Mbeki was an active denier of the viral nature of AIDS. Despite the raging HIV epidemic in the country, he opposed the activities of international medical organizations, firing supporters of medical intervention. Thus, the politician defended the interests of local tribal sorcerers.

Holocaust denial

I don't really want to talk about this conspiracy theory, nevertheless, its supporters still exist. It seems that her adherents have no relatives who have been in the Nazi camps.


Most professional historians consider this theory not only unscientific, but also propagandistic, spreading anti-Semitic views. This is understandable. After all, deniers claim that the Holocaust was deliberately invented by the Zionists in order to extort money from the glorious country of Germany and its allies, and also to justify (!) The creation of the state of Israel.

In a number of countries, public denial of the Holocaust is illegal.

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