Questions From Readers (Part 1)

Questions From Readers (Part 1)
Questions From Readers (Part 1)

Why is the landing on Earth called "the second birth" for astronauts? What color is the universe? How did the word "robot" appear? Read the answers to these and other questions right now.

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Why is the landing on Earth called "the second birth" for astronauts?

Igor, Moscow


Immediately after returning to the earth's surface, astronauts can hardly move their limbs. We can say that they, like one-year-old children, learn to walk and hold cutlery for the first time. That is why the landing is called “the second birth”.

The hottest planet in the solar system - Mercury?

Irina, Novosibirsk


No. Despite the fact that Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, it is not at all as hot as is commonly thought. The hottest planet in our system is Venus (if we compare the temperature of the surfaces of the planets). The reason is the Venusian greenhouse effect. Many modern scientists like to talk about the same, but already on Earth.

What color is the universe?

Dmitry, Nizhnekamsk

Close to shades of gray-brown. This is the conclusion reached in 2002 by American scientists from Johns Hopkins University, having analyzed the light from two hundred thousand galaxies.

Can our brains shrink?

Maxim, Moscow

Maybe. This happens when a person gets old. But researchers at the University of California (Davis) argue that there are several things that contribute to a decrease in brain volume even in youth. These are: chronic back pain, alcohol, Internet addiction, lack of sleep, vegetarian diet, lack of sunlight, marijuana, religious affiliation (due to the specific stress experienced by a believer).

How did the word "robot" appear?

Igor, Barnaul


The term “robot” was coined by the Czech writer Karel Čapek. Initially, in one of his plays, he called humanoid mechanisms "laboratories" (from the Latin labor - work), but he did not like this word. Then, on the advice of his brother Joseph, he renamed them robots. By the way, in Czech, the word robota, the original word for this neologism, means not just work, but hard work, hard labor.

Why are the wheels of moving cars in cartoons and comics often drawn oval?

Ivan, Serpukhovo


For the same reason as in old photographs you can see wheels of a similar shape on a driving car. This is an optical effect associated with the peculiarities of the work of old-fashioned cameras: due to the ratio of the speeds of rotation of the wheels and shutters with moving curtains. And this very speed of the first cars was very low. True, at that time such an effect was considered positive - it was evidence that the car was moving.

Which black hole is closest to Earth?

Ilyas, Almaty


The nearest black hole, or rather, the closest candidate for this title, is the second component of the binary star A0620-00 (V616 Unicorn) - 3000 sv. years from us.

Is our brain only working 10%?

Anna, Vladivostok

This misconception has been around for a century. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, this is not the case. The data of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain clearly demonstrate that most of the cerebral cortex is actively involved in human life.

Is there any scientific evidence for psychic abilities?

Mikhail, Kaliningrad

The Educational Foundation of the famous American illusionist James Randy is engaged in research into hoaxes and extrasensory perception and guarantees a million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural abilities under the conditions of a well-designed experiment. Since 1996, none of the applicants has been able to win the prize.

Why is yawning “contagious”?

Pavel, Kamen-na-Obi

It is difficult to say how scientifically true this is, but some anthropologists believe that the reflex to the repetition of a neighbor's yawns remained with us from the monkeys. It is known that chimpanzees are very fond of mimicking each other's yawns. That is, yawning after a neighbor, we may unconsciously just mimic him.

Ernest Rutherford - Physicist or Chemist?

Alexander, Yekaterinburg

Ernest Rutherford was mainly engaged in research in the field of physics and once said that "all sciences can be divided into two groups - physics and stamp collecting." However, the Nobel Prize was awarded to him in chemistry, which came as a surprise to both him and other scientists. Subsequently, he noticed that of all the transformations that he was able to observe, "the most unexpected was his own transformation from a physicist to a chemist."

Is it true that Einstein had an A in math?

Anton, St. Petersburg

No. Probably, this legend was invented to encourage unsuccessful students. At an early age, Einstein began to show a talent for mathematics and knew it far beyond the school curriculum. Later, he could not enter the Swiss Higher Polytechnic School in Zurich, showing the highest results in physics and mathematics, but not getting the required number of points in other disciplines. Having tightened up these subjects, he became a student of this institution a year later.

Which gender has more sex partners during a lifetime?

Roman, Saransk

The average man claims to have had sex with seven women. The average lady claims four men. The fact is that the first and the second are at different levels of the scale of "social approval". For men, having a lot of partners is considered a plus, for women - on the contrary. Therefore, they "remember" the number of partners in different ways. In fact, the amount is about the same.

Can you mathematically calculate your date of death?

Herman, Tel Aviv

This is unknown to science. But the fact is known when the English mathematician Abraham de Moivre at an old age once discovered that the duration of his sleep increases by 15 minutes a day. Having compiled an arithmetic progression, he determined the date when it would reach 24 hours - November 27, 1754. On this day he died.

Are astronauts potential time travelers?

Elvira, Taldykorgan

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev spent a total of 803 days in orbit, which is a world record. But he can be considered the owner of another record - the longest time travel among the inhabitants of the planet. According to the theory of relativity, the faster the object moves, the more time slows down for it. It is calculated that thanks to space flights, Krikalev is 1/48 of a second younger than if he remained on Earth all the time. In other words, the astronaut returned from orbit to the time point 1/48 second later than the value expected under normal conditions.

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