A collection of the most failed Kickstarter projects that raised $ 0

A collection of the most failed Kickstarter projects that raised $ 0
A collection of the most failed Kickstarter projects that raised $ 0

Italian artist Silvio Lorusso created the Kickended portal, which brings together Kickstarter projects that have not raised a single dollar.


Since the advent of crowdfunding, many inventors, creatives and designers have begun to actively promote their ideas and startups on thematic platforms, hoping to earn the necessary amount for the implementation of their projects.

Many of us do not even suspect that, for example, the virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift became famous just with the help of crowdfunding and raised $ 2.4 million with the required $ 250 thousand.

History knows many more examples when the idea found financial support and approval from the society. But do we know at least something about projects that did not gain fame and did not even earn a dollar? So the Italian Silvio Lorusso thought about this and decided to change the situation.

Lorusso has created a virtual "museum" of the biggest failing projects on Kickstarter. All "exhibits" of this collection managed to collect $ 0. The artist managed to track failed projects using the Kickspy service, which provides information about startups appearing on the crowdfunding platform.

According to Silvio Lorusso, Kickended is a place where "ideas free from the need to make money can exist as abstract ideas." He also emphasizes that in the process of work he came across quite entertaining, convincing and even touching ideas, they just were not destined to collect a cent.

Much of "success" on Kickstarter seems to depend on factors that go beyond the idea of ​​the project itself, such as support from influencers, marketing skills, or compelling copywriting.

- Silvio Lorusso

Lorusso's virtual "museum" now includes more than 8,000 failed startups. Another interesting detail is that Kickended's interface is virtually identical to the Kickstarter design.

Some of the most unsuccessful Kickstarter projects include:

1. "Internet cafes: photos of Internet cafes from around the world." The required amount is $ 50,000. Collected - $ 0.

2. "Ben Cristovao's Music Video". The required amount is $ 990. Collected - $ 0.

3. "T-shirts expressing emotions." Required amount - $ 3,000. Collected - $ 0.

4. "Help me get the book published." The required amount is $ 4,000. Collected - $ 0.

5. "Manual sleeves for insulin pumps." The required amount is $ 500. Collected - $ 0.


6. “Funny monster. Mobile game ". The required amount is $ 3, 200. Collected - $ 0.

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