Russia 2077

Russia 2077
Russia 2077

The future of Russia was presented in a series of works by the artist Yevgeny Zubkov. Not without irony.

Russia in the future

MXD is an art project for those who love art, pop culture, imagery and surrealism. The community publishes collages that will cause pleasant nostalgia, surprise or a desire to click on the "Save to my photos" button, says the section "About MXD" in the group on VKontakte.

The project has only five authors: Viktor Mogilat, Evgeny Zubkov, Andrey Kochergin, Lev Pereulkov and a man under the nickname "Gentleman of Good Luck".

The new series of works belongs to Evgeny Zubkov, who ironically presented his vision of what Russia will be like in the near 2077. It is a pity that the country still has the problem of water shutdowns. Oh yes, there is also Roskomnadzor, Russian Post, the auto industry and the rest.

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