Kolshchik, give me a sakura flower

Kolshchik, give me a sakura flower
Kolshchik, give me a sakura flower

Tattoos, types, their meaning. Yakuza prison tattoos and tattoos.

Tattoo on my buttock

The word tattoo itself is borrowed from the Polynesian language and in its Tahitian dialect denotes a drawing. This term was introduced into the English language by none other than the famous traveler James Cook. Before that, in Europe, a tattoo was a way of decoration and identification, but it was not designated by a separate word. Although tattooing (or applying paint, drawing on the body) as such was present in early cultures, probably all (or almost all) peoples.

Among the Maori people who inhabit New Zealand, tattooing, for example, is considered a sacred rite. The tattoo itself is not pierced with a needle, but cut out with a chisel. Most often, a Maoritian tattoo looks like a clear spiral line covering the face, buttocks and legs of men. Women get a tattoo on their lips, chin, and in special cases on the neck and back.

In Japan, until the year 500, tattoos were considered the privilege of emperors. Later, tattooing turned into decorative art, and even later it became a symbol of the tattooed person's attitude to the underworld. In ancient Japan, a person with a tattoo became persona non grata. He was expelled from his family and society. Over time, the tattoo in the Land of the Rising Sun has become a distinctive sign of the yakuza (a traditional form of organized crime in Japan, which occupies a leading position in the country's criminal world).

Japanese tattoos can be divided into four groups: flora, fauna, religious and mythological symbols. Here are just a few of the more popular looks:

Chrysanthemum was once considered an attribute of mikado (the oldest, now unused title to denote the secular supreme ruler of Japan), later became a symbol of perseverance and determination.

Pion considered a symbol of wealth and success in life.

Sakura flower, the petals of which, even with a light breeze of wind, fall off as easily as a samurai gives his life for his master, this is a symbol of time and the fragility of being.


Maple Leaf has the same meaning as the red rose in Europe (passion, love).

The Dragon - a symbol of power and strength, it also simultaneously unites fire and water.

Carp symbolizes courage, courage, stoicism.

Tiger - a symbol of fearlessness.

The culture of Russian tattooing is considered practically lost even before the birth of criminal structures - the true canons of tattooing the Slavs are unknown or forgotten. Therefore, in our country and in Russian styles of underwear drawing, the words of criminal slang are synonymous with the word tattoo: portagan, tailpiece, tattoo, suit.

What are Russian prison tattoos and thieves' tattoos and what do they mean?

Knife in shackles, barbed wire - a symbol that a person has committed a crime while in prison.


the Rose - ruined youth.

Rose and dagger - blood for treason.

Wolf - Thief Pause for Pointing Cap.


The word "WORLD" - Shooting will fix me.

Bull - cruelty and rage.

Bat - night thief.

Swastika and Nazi symbols they do not necessarily mean that the tattooed person is an adherent of Nazism. Most often, they mean disagreement with the existing government and regime, an expression of protest.

The letters "SIR" - Freedom This is Paradise.

Card, gun, girl, drugs, alcohol, collected together in one plot, mean "this is what is destroying us."

Bells - means that the owner of the tattoo has served the full term from call to call.


Eyes on the buttocks - the tattooed belongs to the lower caste of prisoners, omitted.

Eyes on the chest: "Looking for a bitch."

Mother of God - a symbol that a person has embarked on a thief's path since childhood, can also mean a talisman from trouble.


Tiger indicates that the person is angry with the authorities, the police; a symbol of rage and cruelty.

Sailboat - craving for freedom.

Cat with keys denotes a burglar, a burglar.

Abbreviation "CAT" - The Native Dweller of the Prison.

cat in general - a symbol of luck and caution of the owner.

bug - a pickpocket symbol.

The abbreviation "BEETLE" - I wish you successful thefts.

Rising Sun (often such a tattoo can be seen on the arm) - a symbol of freedom, a commemorative sign of liberation.


Domes, church - the number of domes indicates the number of walkers or years served.


Crucifixion - a symbol of the fact that the tattooed one is a crime boss.


Of course, this is not a complete list of prison tattoos. Very often, these also include tattoos on the fingers in the form of all kinds of rings, each of which also has some meaning.

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