Qworkntine - modular office for work in quarantine and after

Qworkntine - modular office for work in quarantine and after
Qworkntine - modular office for work in quarantine and after

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, many employers had to send their employees home: someone to rest, someone to work remotely.

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But some still need to maintain at least a minimal level of employee presence in offices. And the longer the quarantine continues, the more companies will be forced to return workers to their physical jobs in order to be able to continue their activities.

However, just as working from home has exposed problems that we did not have before, working in the office during or after a pandemic will have its own set of new problems - and these are the ones that Qworkntine concept author, Egyptian designer Mohmed Radwan is seeking to solve.).

Qworkntine is a modular sealed work bay system that can make working in an existing office safe while we seek long-term solutions. Building an office based on Qworkntine helps prevent infection of employees who are forced to go to work in quarantine and makes it easy and convenient to trace contacts in crowded offices.

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The hexagonal shape of the bays helps companies create any modular design suitable for office spaces. As the author of the concept notes, it's like assembling a hive in which all the bees will be healthy and happy. The name of the project - Qworkntine - resonates with the English word quarantine for a reason.


Each compartment is equipped with a handleless acrylic door, which is controlled by the face recognition system and automatically opens when the "worker bee" approaches. It also includes fans and air purifiers to maintain a continuous flow of breathable air. The roof window is intended for those who feel uncomfortable in confined spaces.

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The designer expects the Qworkntine compartments to be made from hygienic, non-porous materials that are easy to clean and disinfect.


The project, which won the DNA Paris Design Awards in the Responsible Design category, underlines that for health and prosperity we may need to adapt to new working conditions.

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